COVID-19 Statement

IT4Causes has implemented our emergency plan, and we've established a Virtual Command Center to help nonprofits with their technology needs during these challenging times.  Contact us if you need help, or if you want to volunteer your IT skills during the emergency situation.

Better IT For a Better World

Our Mission: IT4Causes, a 501(c)(3) organization, provides stable, secure, and sustainable information technology solutions that enable other nonprofit organizations to focus on their missions and serve their clients better, with lower total cost to their organization and the community.

Each day IT4Causes strives to be as transparent as possible with our donors, clients, community members, and other stakeholders. Our efforts were recently recognized by GuideStar that certified us as a Gold Seal of Transparency nonprofit.

Helping Nonprofits in these challenging times

IT4Causes has set up a virtual Command Center to help nonprofits with IT solutions to work remotely and fulfill their missions during this extended of Social Distancing. Check out our blog, and/or contact us if you need help!

Want to help others during the crisis?

IT4Causes is looking for volunteers with IT and/or PM skills to assist RVA nonprofits manage through the crisis. Check out our blog, and/or contact us if you want to help!

We're Hiring!

IT4Causes is growing, so we are looking for our next technical associate! If you got great tech skills and consulting experience, and want to be both technically challenged and emotionally rewarded every single day, you owe it to yourself to check out these postings:

Small Business IT Consultant/Systems Engineer

Sr. Small Business IT Consultant/Systems Engineer

Our latest video!

Check out the latest video about IT4Causes to see how IT4Causes is helping Friends Association for Children, Salvation Army Boys & Girls Club, and many other nonprofits!  Plus footage from the Tech4All 4.0 event.  Thanks to Jeff and Jordan from DigiConvo for your great work on this.


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Why IT Matters

Nonprofit agencies (we like to call them “for-purpose agencies”) need secure and reliable access to business records, client information, volunteer contacts, donor records, and a host of other data. Just like in for-profit businesses, slow performance, data loss, poor integration, and clunky interfaces make the work harder for everyone and impact the bottom line. Except with for-purpose agencies, the bottom line is people, not dollars.

Our Impact, 2018

 Check out our 2018 Impact Statement for lots of details on how we converted staff, volunteer, and intern hours with donations, events, and fee-for-service revenue into over $575,000 in impact to local nonprofits in and around Richmond, VA.

Common IT Challenges for Small and Mid-sized Nonprofits:

In addition to problems faced by most organizations, the unique nature of nonprofits creates even more challenges:
- Lack of knowledgeable, dedicated IT staff due to lack of funding
- No long-term IT strategy
- Productivity loss and other risks from unstable servers, unreliable networks, lack of redundancy, inconsistent backups, and inadequate security
Agencies often ask volunteers to help out, but this can result in:
- Loss of knowledge when volunteers move on
- Inconsistent configurations over time
- Cobbled-together solutions that are not maintainable

Our Solutions:

For-purpose organizations need and deserve the best IT solutions possible to serve their clients. They just need them on a lower-cost basis than for-profit businesses. So at IT4Causes, we’re building the future state of nonprofit IT based on robust strategy, state-of-the-practice technology, and best-in-class people. Our model leverages a shared IT roadmap, common solutions to problems all NPOs face, and skilled IT volunteers to deliver best-in-class services at a nonprofit price.