A Smashing Success: Getting To Know IT4Causes Event! Plus more about our Pilot Customers

THANK YOU to everyone who came to the “Getting To Know IT4Causes” event on Monday night! We had a great turnout, awesome food, and lots of networking going on at the beautiful offices of !mpact Makers.

Get2Know_TomLaurence Get2Know_Banner

A couple of people who helped make the night so great:

Lynette Brinkerhoff from Children’s Mental Health Resource Center, one of our Pilot customers, explained the Center’s mission to link families with great behavioral health professionals,  and how IT4Causes is helping the Center save money and time by stabilizing their network and getting the high-capacity printer working again!


Sarah Mullens from UnBoundRVA (our other Pilot customer) gave a great overview of her agency’s mission to help talented people from low-income backgrounds become successful entrepreneurs.  She also talked about how IT4Causes is working to help the organization collaborate on documents, which will be enabled with a move to Office 365 in the cloud.


We’re now planning for our next big events:

We hope to see you soon!

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