IT4Causes offers assistance to local nonprofits to deal with Coronavirus impacts

Given the current coronavirus situation, your nonprofit organization will likely need to make some changes to how you work.  We at IT4Causes stand ready to help nonprofits in the greater Richmond, VA area* use technology to lessen the impact of closed offices or self-isolation of individual workers.  We’ve been closely following the situation and working with our staff, board, and volunteers to identify effective, low-cost strategies to supplement your current technology footprint and increase productivity of remote work.  We’ve identified several tools that we can quickly deploy, and are mobilizing our staff, interns, and skilled IT volunteers to help you continue to meet your mission in these challenging times.  Some available options include:

  • Implementing remote desktop solutions
  • Setting up users with laptops (we have access to a limited supply of used equipment for minimal cost)
  • Teleconferencing and videoconferencing tools
  • Access to inexpensive hotspot solutions for workers without adequate bandwidth in the homes
  • Increasing training on Office 365 collaboration tools
  • Remote help desk options
  • Transitioning client interaction experiences to virtual
  • Transitioning group experiences like meetings, events, and conferences to online
  • Procedures for limiting exposure when using shared equipment
  • Reviewing, enhancing, and assisting with implementing emergency response plans
  • Discussing other situations and brainstorming solutions to keep your team moving

We have also established a “Command Center” that leverages Agile best practices to triage requests for assistance and get them assigned to appropriate volunteers quickly, with appropriate follow-up to ensure your needs are met.

Please contact us at to let us know what you need for your organization to continue to do your good work in these challenging times.  Please include phone contact as well as email so we can provide the best service to your organization.

You can also look at this resource guide from TechSoup, one of our long-term partners in delivering cost effective technology to RVA nonprofits.  There are a lot of options and ideas listed, and we stand ready to help your nonprofit chose and implement the best ones for your specific circumstances.

We will be putting in extra hours over the weekend and coming days, so please reach out anytime and we’ll get back to you as quickly as possible.

Take care,

Tom Anderson

CEO, IT4Causes

*We define “greater Richmond VA” or RVA as any location within a 45-minute drive of downtown Richmond.  We are willing to consider requests from nonprofit agencies outside this area on a case-by-case basis if we have sufficient resources.

IT4Causes Receives $20,000 Grant to Support Workforce Development

RICHMOND,VA—IT4Causes, Inc. continues to make a lasting impact on local non-profits, and we aren’t the only ones who have taken notice. Because of the tremendous work that IT4Causes is doing, the Community Foundation for a Greater Richmond has awarded IT4Causes a $20,000 grant to expand workforce development in the local community through our internship program.

These grant funds will enable IT4Causes to support the educational and experiential growth of our student interns and volunteers. Specifically, students and interns from low-moderate income backgrounds who historically face employment barriers will now be able to engage information technology in positive ways. This grant will allow volunteers and interns access to valuable resources that will assist them in building experience, professional networks, and soft skills. And we hope that these resources will provide them more access to better, higher-paying jobs in the IT industry.

As of July, IT4Causes engages students in a variety of ways because of this grant. A few highlights of our implemented plan include:

  1. Hiring students eligible for Federal Work-Study (FWS) from local schools such as the University of Richmond, ECPI, Innsbrook, and Virginia Commonwealth University
  2. Engaging the interns in meaningful work experience on projects organized by IT4Causes and at our help desk service at Networking and Technology Solutions (NTS, and
  3. Supplementing their hands-on learning with soft skills development programs and networking opportunities with IT professionals from our volunteer pool.

Relying heavily on students and interns that study IT related fields allows IT4Causes to provide IT services to our non-profit partners for lower costs. We are a proud supporter of these individuals’ academic and professional growth, and we hope to continue our engagement in positive, meaningful ways.

IT4Causes Now Offers 24×7 Support Service

RICHMOND,VA—IT4Causes is no stranger to information technology support for non-profits. For five years, we have been providing assessments and solutions to small to mid-sized non-profit organizations in the local RVA area. As we continue to uphold our commitment to #BetterITforaBetterWorld, we are proud to announce a new partnership with Networking Technology Solutions (NTS) in Midlothian that allows us to offer 24×7 help desk services to non-profits at a special non-profit price.

This partnership, made through the ongoing support of NTS, a leading managed IT, service provider. NTS delivers an extensive range of IT solutions, including network infrastructure solutions, managed services and monitoring, and mobile device management from NTS Network Operations Center located within their headquarters. IT4Causes clients can now leverage 24×7 support through NTS. This service leverages NTS’s expertise while also offering career development opportunities for our interns, who will support this service with hourly commitments each week.

“It’s a tremendous partnership,” said IT4Causes CEO Tom Anderson, “because the interns will gain hands-on experience dealing with real-world customers while having the ability to access seasoned IT pros when they encounter issues that are beyond their current level of knowledge.”

IT4Causes strives to continue to provide long term IT solutions and support to our non-profit clients and other local non-profit organizations. This new partnership and service is just one way that we’re extending our support beyond our traditional methods.

For more information, please contact the CEO & Founder, Tom Anderson.

IT4Causes is Turning 5


Because many small businesses do not successfully make it to 5 years, we are delighted to announce that IT4Causes is still here, operating stronger than ever. When IT4Causes incorporated in October 2014, we did so to make a positive impact through IT solutions. Five years later, we could not be prouder of the tremendous support that we have been able to provide to local nonprofits! We are also extremely grateful for the ways we have, with the help of our outstanding networks, been able to engage and motivate community members to #MakeAnImpact.

Using our fractional IT Leadership model, IT4Causes will continue to provide strategic IT direction, tactical project execution, and now 24/7 help desk support to “for-purpose” organizations of all sizes in and around the local RVA area. And of course, we will continue to leverage our accumulated knowledge of IT for nonprofits to provide our clients with best-in-class products and solutions.As IT4Causes moves into its next year, we will continue our mission of providing exceptional IT support to other nonprofits. We will also continue to offer our services for a fraction of the cost of services in the commercial market.

Because we are very appreciative and fortunate to have such a large and involved volunteer base, we will continue our engagement with skilled industry professionals, student interns, and other volunteers, providing opportunities that enrich networks and build practical IT skills. We also hope to strengthen our partnerships with new clients like SOAR365, the Salvation Army Boys & Girls Club, and Capital Trees, as well as with our long-term partners such as Partnership For Families, Art180, and CA Human Services.

Our growth and successful operation have been made possible by the support of our amazing volunteers, our board of directors, our clients, interns, donors, and the many other stakeholders and supporters that are and have been rooting for IT4Causes. Join us at our #Tech4All4.0* to help us celebrate, show your support, and see just how big of an impact we are making!

*There are still a few sponsorship opportunities open for Tech4All 4.0, please contact us if you’d like to help us celebrate our past and support our future!

IT4Causes Wins VCU’s Next Big Idea Challenge!

On December 8, Virginia Commonwealth University’s Innovation Gateway announced that IT4Causes was the top prize winner in their second annual Next Big Idea Challenge (NBIC). The competition’s judges selected IT4Causes to receive the Next Big Idea Award for the nonprofit agency’s business strategy, which provides information technology services to other small and midsized nonprofits using a Fractional CIO model and a common IT solution set.

According to VCU, “The NBIC is an online competition where anyone within the VCU community can submit an idea for a new company, product or service. Ideas submitted range from medical technologies and phone apps to community co-working businesses. The NBIC’s purpose is to showcase the innovative ideas cultured within VCU.” Over 40 entries were submitted to the contest, which ran from Oct. 28-Nov. 28.

IT4Causes founder and CEO Tom Anderson is studying Nonprofit Management as a graduate student at VCU’s Wilder School for Public Administration, and he has utilized VCU resources extensively to help refine the IT4Causes business model. “The sequence of Nonprofit Management courses provided a fantastic roadmap as I developed IT4Causes, and the feedback I collected from Wilder professors and Innovation Gateway partners was a great help, too,” said Anderson. “We’re very excited about this award as an endorsement of our strategy, especially given the level of competition this year, and we hope this recognition will motivate our supporters to make or increase donations and pledges to propel our growth past our pilot agencies.”

The $1,000 prize that comes with the award will be applied towards IT4Causes’ $65,000 4th quarter fundraising goal. The agency will use those funds to hire a project manager and leverage skilled IT volunteers to deploy their common set of solutions to more partner nonprofits, who will be able to provide their services more effectively and efficiently as a result.

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