IT4Causes: Your next internship!

IT4Causes is a start-up nonprofit agency located in Richmond, VA. Our mission is to provide stable, secure, and sustainable information technology solutions that enable other nonprofit organizations to focus on their missions and serve their clients better, with lower total cost to their organization and the community.

We are currently offering two flexible full-time internship positions with small stipends for the summer of 2015, with the possibility of extending as part-time into the 2015-16 school year.  Ideal candidates will be college juniors or seniors.  To apply for either position, please submit your resume to by March 22, 2015.

IT Implementation Internship

As an IT Implementation Intern, you’ll work with our Project Manager and teams of skilled IT volunteers to implement best-in-class small business IT solutions at deserving nonprofit (we like to call them “for-purpose”) agencies across RVA. You’ll leverage playbooks we’ve developed to build towards a strong IT strategy and architecture. In the process, you’ll learn a ton about real life cloud-based solutions for file management, office productivity, accounting, fundraising, and case management, as well as web site development, social media, and networks. You’ll have opportunity to work with IT professionals in all stages of their careers, and you’ll meet some true experts in their fields.

As a startup, we offer high growth potential. As a volunteer and service nonprofit providing IT solutions, we offer the broadest networking possible. We will provide a stipend of at least $1000 for this position; exact amount will depend on fundraising and business development success.

Nonprofit Management Internship

As our nonprofit management intern, you’ll work with staff and volunteers to help our growing agency in many different ways, including marketing and branding, events, business development, and partner agency management. You’ll also help several of our client agencies learn to use donor management and case management systems effectively. Our small staff means you’ll get to know all parts of our business, and because we serve other nonprofits, you’ll get to meet leaders at many other charities in RVA. We’ll provide a ton of networking opportunities, and you’ll work with us to build capacity in not just one agency but in many organizations around the region.

We will provide a stipend of at least $750 for this this position; exact amount will depend on fundraising and business development success.

To apply for either position, please submit your resume to by March 22, 2015.

Last Call for Volunteer Extravaganza!

The big event is Monday 3/2 from 6:30-9 PM!  If you want to:

  • Learn more about our current partner agencies,
  • Find out how to use your skills to deliver great IT to those agencies,
  • Be part of our next video, which will premier at The Byrd Theatre on April 11,
  • Dress up as an Office Space character, and/or
  • Eat pizza and drink beer,

then you should come out to our event!  It’ll be a blast!

Click here to sign up before 2 PM on Monday!


Volunteer Spotlight: Daulton West

Daulton professional

IT4Causes enjoys the support of many dedicated volunteers. One such volunteer is Daulton West, a Capital One alumni with years of IT experience who is now President and Owner of ASocialMediaChampion4U, a social media strategy consulting firm. Follow Daulton on Twitter (@DWestJr) for more social media tools, tips, and breaking news.

Daulton has helped a wide array of nonprofits, startups, and networking groups with their social media efforts, including the Greater Richmond Small Business Development Center and the RVA Career Expo, sponsored by the Richmond Chapter of the Virginia Tech Alumni Association and two local networking groups, Career Prospectors and JAM.

Daulton joined IT4Causes in October 2014 as a key member of the Marketing and Branding Advisory Group and has taken part in various initiatives to help us get off the ground. Daulton has helped grow IT4Causes’ social media reach and also provided guidance for website enhancements. Daulton generously volunteered his time and energy to plan and take part in IT4Causes’ inaugural event, which brought together volunteers, agency staff, and other IT4Causes supporters.

Daulton also led the initiative to research SEO enhancements, gather the findings, and capture the results in the “SEO Recommendations For Nonprofits” guide.

Thanks Daulton for all your help!

If YOU are interested in helping Richmond area nonprofits become more effective through better IT systems, please sign up to volunteer.

IT4Causes welcomes Bill Flowers, our new Project Manager!

IT4Causes is pleased to announce the addition of Bill Flowers to our staff. Bill joins us with 20+ years of experience in project management, information technology and communications. As project manager, Bill will work with our volunteers and oversee the implementation of IT4Causes solutions for our nonprofit partners.

Bill Flowers

“Working with so many great nonprofit organizations is a wonderful opportunity,” Bill says. “When you consider the impact that IT4Causes will make in the lives of so many people served by our nonprofit community … well, it’s both humbling and exciting.”

Bill joins IT4Causes having worked in private enterprise, academia and state agencies. As director of web development at the University of Richmond and as senior project manager at GIC Web Solutions, Bill’s focus has been the simple premise that technology should make our work easier and more cost-effective.

“IT4Causes innovative fractional CIO model, coupled with volunteer IT support, is going to change the way nonprofit’s do business,” Bill continues. “The model is going to allow nonprofits to utilize technology that otherwise would be beyond their reach.”

Please join us in welcoming Bill to IT4Causes. Meet Bill and all our great IT4Causes volunteers at our Volunteer Extravaganza on March 2

Volunteer Extravaganza on March 2 from 6:30-9 PM!

Were your dreams of being up on the big screen interrupted by a fantastic career in IT?  If so, this is the perfect event for you!

Join us for pizza and beverages on Monday, March 2 at !mpactmakers. It’s gonna be a blast!

  • Be part of the ACTION! by participating in the shooting of an exciting new IT4Causes video by Red Titan Films (no acting experience required).
  • Learn more about how IT4Causes is transforming skilled IT volunteerism so that you can use your technical skills to make nonprofits more effective, and yet never have to commit more than 8 hours at a time.
  • Meet representatives from our partner nonprofit agencies, and sign up to work on specific projects at specific agencies.
  • Introduce yourself to Bill Flowers, our new Project Manager and Volunteer Coordinator, who’ll be your partner and guide as you work with other awesome volunteers to deliver great IT to grateful nonprofits.
  • Network with other community-minded IT professionals.
  • Be sure to mark April 11 at 1 PM on your calendar for the World Premier of YOUR video at the Byrd Theatre!
  • Please try to print and bring your RSVP, which includes a talent release form that’s needed to take part in the video shoot (else we’ll have to have you complete one on-site).

This is a free event for our registered volunteers (donations will be accepted, or course).  So go to and register your info, and you’ll be taken to the EventBrite page where you can get you ticket to the Extravaganza!

We hope to see you there!

Coming soon: not just another event, a Volunteer Extravaganza!

At IT4Causes, we’re all about using skilled volunteers to get IT done for our nonprofit partners. So we’re setting up an event to give you a chance to meet our partners, to see what projects we have in the chutes to move them towards our common IT strategy, and to give you a chance to sign to help us implement these projects. And since we also like to have fun, we’re making it an EXTRAVAGANZA!  We’ll be networking, eating pizza, and shooting our next promotional video with Red Titan Films. If you want to join in the fun, pencil us in for March 2 from 6:30-9 PM. We’ll firm up details and start getting invites out in the next week. Space will be limited, and volunteers who have registered on our site will be the first to get invites, so go to the volunteer form and give us your info now!

Why Volunteer with IT4Causes?

First, Some Great Reasons to Volunteer Anywhere:

  • Help others
  • Make a difference
  • Find purpose
  • Enjoy a meaningful conversation
  • Connect with your community
  • Feel involved
  • Contribute to a cause that you care about
  • Use your skills in a productive way
  • Develop new skills
  • Meet new people
  • Explore new areas of interest
  • Expand your horizons
  • Get out of the house
  • Make new friends
  • Strengthen your resume
  • Feel better about yourself
  • And, yes, even actually live longer!

Helping others and making a difference is what it is all about.

By making organizations more productive, your efforts are multiplied

Knowing that you’re helping a great cause with your IT skills and talents is a great feeling.  And when you’re talents make the jobs of staff, board, and other volunteers at our partner agencies easier, you’re not just helping them today – you’re helping them become more efficient and more effective so they can do their jobs better every day.

By enabling our nonprofit organizations to focus on their missions and serve their clients better, your efforts are multiplied throughout their organizations and the community.

So come on, take that next step, and sign up as an IT4Causes volunteer today!  As an extra incentive, registered volunteers will be the first to get invites to our upcoming Volunteer Extravaganza!

IT4Causes needs YOU… to VOLUNTEER

You’ve got great IT skills, why not use them?

You have a resume that showcases your IT skills and talents, what better way to put them to good use than to volunteer for a great organization, like IT4Causes? Your work history is ongoing and evolving, so please consider adding a volunteer section to your resume that will serve you well and let others you care about and give back to your RVA community, as an IT4Causes volunteer.

Better than pounding nails, no heavy lifting, just using your talents to help others!

Your IT experience is a valuable asset that you have acquired over time that can benefit others, as well as you – so why not get started today? No manual labor required, and only experience needed is what you already possess and bring to the table.

Help a wide variety of organizations

We’re not IT4Cause, we’re IT4CauseS, and when you volunteer for us, you can put your specialized skills to use helping not just one nonprofit but many different agencies across a wide range of great causes. From creating the next generation of entrepreneurs to linking parents with the right services for their kids, our partner agencies are enabling awesome outcomes, and with your help, we’re empowering their great work with best-in-class IT solutions.

Part of being a great volunteer is loving what you’re doing. Find your passion, find something that you care about or something that inspires you, and then find a need in your community.

So sign up as an IT4Causes volunteer today, and stay tuned for our upcoming Volunteer Extravaganza!

Capital One

In-Kind Sponsor Highlight – Capital One

Capital One

Thanks, Capital One, for donating MacBooks and iPads!

For an IT firm, it’s critically important to have a testbed where you can test out the latest changes before sending them off to your customers.  When IT4Causes wanted to start helping our pilot agencies with solutions that run on their Apple equipment, we knew we needed to get our hands on more Macs and iPads.  So we sent out a call to our Technical Advisory Group to see if we could locate an older MacBook and maybe an iPad to build out our lab.   In a few short days, Melissa Sorbello from Capital One came back with an offer almost too good to be true:  not just a single unit, but 2 MacBook Pros AND 2 iPad2’s!  We quickly arranged pickup and got the equipment humming so we could validate our proposed “Bring Your Own Device” (BYOD) security policy.  We were also able to arrange for another donation of an additional MacBook to support a new employee at our pilot customer UnBoundRVA!   These generous donations from Capital One saved us thousands of dollars and enabled us to keep moving without missing a beat.  So thanks, Capital One, for once again being such a great supporter of the RVA nonprofit community!

Campaign Progress

So far, IT4Cause’s Fall Campaign has raised $24,524 in donations, pledges, in-kind support, and matches.  That’s 38% of our goal of $65,000 so far!  We’re extremely grateful to everyone who has contributed so far, and we’re hoping that more folks will decide to chip in before the campaign officially ends next Friday, Jan. 16.  At that time, we’ll have to make a decision about the amount of Project Management capacity we can buy in the first half of 2015.  With over a dozen solutions selected and ready to go, and two agencies in pilot, we’re ready to engage our volunteers to roll out the capabilities to more agencies, but we need a Project Manager to coordinate all of their efforts.  With money raised so far, we can hire a part-time Project Manager (PM) who can help us deliver the solutions to two or three more agencies over the next few months.  If we can hit our goal in the next two weeks, we’ll be able to afford a full-time PM for at least the first half of 2015, which should allow us to roll out solutions to six or seven new agencies.  So please consider making an investment in the future of IT for local nonprofits, and encourage your network to do the same!