Client Spotlight: Gateway Homes

*Images Courtesy of Gateway Homes*

RICHMOND, VA–At IT4Causes, our goal is to provide stable, secure, and sustainable information technology solutions that enable other nonprofit organizations to focus on their missions and serve their clients better, with lower total cost and more efficient operation. We’re honored to partner with our clients to empower them in their efforts to support and nurture our local community.

Our partner spotlight posts highlight the wide range of agencies we engage with, covering their mission and what makes them stand out in our community, and how IT4Causes has helped to alleviate IT roadblocks and distractions.

In this post, we focus on the important work our partner, Gateway Homes, is doing to support adults with serious mental illnesses in our community.

What is the mission and purpose of Gateway Homes?The vision of Gateway Homes is to make recovery a reality for adults with mental illness. Gateway Homes provides a critical resource for this group by offering a transitional residential treatment program for adults with mental illness who are striving for independence.

What is the primary community your agency serves and how do you support this community? We support adults diagnosed with illnesses like Schizophrenia, Bipolar Disorder, and Depression. Our goal is to help individuals learn daily living skills that will help them focus on their recovery and reach their full potential of living independently in the community. Our programs offer wrap-around services to our clients using means such as case management and mental health clinicians, direct support staff, a psychiatrist, individual therapists, a nurse practitioner, a dietician, an occupational therapist, and peer support.

How successful would you say your efforts in this community have been? Over the last 30 years, we’ve achieved a success rate of over 90% supporting and fostering these individuals. We measure this by our residents’ success in transitioning through the program and moving out into the community to live independently. Our top priority is for each resident to reach their individual level of recovery and independence. Keeping our mission and vision in the forefront of what we do each day helps us succeed and continue to provide value to our residents and the community.

How does IT4Causes aid in your completion of your work? IT4Causes is moving us into the 21st century, helping us make sure we have the right IT tools in place to ensure we are able to complete our jobs as effectively as possible. With the guidance of IT4Causes, we’re taking the time to assess our technology needs and upgrade wherever possible. Furthermore, we’ll be checking our processes and technology for HIPAA compliance and overall security. All of these efforts will help Gateway Homes obtain top performance!

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