Coming soon: not just another event, a Volunteer Extravaganza!

At IT4Causes, we’re all about using skilled volunteers to get IT done for our nonprofit partners. So we’re setting up an event to give you a chance to meet our partners, to see what projects we have in the chutes to move them towards our common IT strategy, and to give you a chance to sign to help us implement these projects. And since we also like to have fun, we’re making it an EXTRAVAGANZA!  We’ll be networking, eating pizza, and shooting our next promotional video with Red Titan Films. If you want to join in the fun, pencil us in for March 2 from 6:30-9 PM. We’ll firm up details and start getting invites out in the next week. Space will be limited, and volunteers who have registered on our site will be the first to get invites, so go to the volunteer form and give us your info now!

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