Donations and Skilled IT Workers Urgently Needed to Support RVA Nonprofits

Our local nonprofit community needs our help more than ever, and IT4Causes is helping these organizations get and use the technology they need to remain effective while working remotely. As the COVID-19 crisis continues and their needs increase, we are starting to feel the strain on our resources, and we need your help to support them during this time of rapid change.

How you can help

  • We are currently seeking a seasoned Cisco Firewall/VPN Consultant for a client running AnyConnect VPN on Cisco 5506 ASA who keeps experiencing partial failures that block their access to files. Volunteer Now!
  • We are seeking donations for the following requirements:
    • Splashtop SOS licenses to remotely manage iPhone issues – $170/yr/license after 15% nonprofit discount
  • Rescue Assist licenses – Remote control for Windows/Mac/Android – $330/agent/year (2 licenses)
  • We also need donations to support our COVID-19 Response Center. Your donation supplies the following:
    • $21.00 buys 1 day (5 hours) of ECPI intern, It costs so little to us because ECPI pays much of their cost through the federal work study program, but they add a LOT of value for basic IT tasks.  We currently have 3 ECPI students who work 25 hrs/wk each.
    • $120 pays for 1 day of IT4Causes staff during our daily COVID-19 Response Center call (2 staff @ $60/hr)
    • $75 covers the cost of 1 used laptop PC that we can deploy to an agency to allow 1 worker to work remotely (add $59 for Windows Pro and Office 2019 Standard at Microsoft nonprofit rates)

We hope you’ll consider supporting IT4Causes as we face this crisis together with the RVA nonprofit community! So please, Donate Now!

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