Founding Funders Speech

<To Be Read in the Voice of Benjamin Franklin>Ben Franklin

Two score and Eight weeks ago, a man set forth the proposition that nonprofits should not suffer the unwieldy yoke of ineffective information technology, but that through their common business processes and universal need for great data, a collaboration might spring forth, with vision and process, to unite them with one clear IT strategy. Further, that we might gather true leaders from the small and midsize altruistic organization from this fair RVA, and deliberate and prioritize their similar needs for resolute action. That kind-hearted experts in all manner of technology could gather, in due course, to not merely to ponder the wish list, but to do identification, evaluation, and selection and yet find solutions that even the most modest nonprofit budget might afford. And that IT volunteers, both seasoned and green, might seize upon the guidance of one small and nimble agency and go forth and sow these solutions, these seeds of productivity and efficiency, about the many charities with nary a soul who knows the strange language of cloud architecture, that they might prosper and better serve their own clients and missions.

So on the second day of October, 2014, papers drafted and duly scanned, were delivered the fair State Corporate Commission, and by their recording was IT4Causes founded. The intervening months did indeed show these suppositions to be true, and by their usage numerous technology solutions were rendered unto local nonprofits, for the betterment of our lovely RVA. They proved that pragmatic executive directors need not toil at the helm of Google into the wee hours in hopes of stumbling upon cost-effective ways to create fine courseware for hungry pupils. That they need not lose more hours of restful slumber fretting over the integrity of their backups. That nonprofit employees of all types need not waste countless hours through the burden of ineffective paperwork that kills not only trees, but the very spirit of community giving that races in their blood. And that Boards need not squander precious resources on full-price IT services, when the earnest folk at IT4Causes perform their technology miracles for mere pennies on the dollar, when weighed in measure against the full and hefty bill that often accompanies commercial options.

In this manner, was a revolution of Information Technology for nonprofits born!

You your good selves can still join this revolution and be hailed as another Founding Funders for IT4Causes, by making a monetary contribution to these good works, and we shall take and mark your name upon the scroll such good fellows as a record of your noble actions. While giving amounts of all sizes can be used to aid in delivery of great IT, it seems only fitting that you should select some multiple of the $100 amount, as the likeness upon this denomination it that of Ben Franklin himself, the original nerd-in-chief of these United States.


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