Meet Our Intern: Will


Hi everyone! My name is Will, and I’m super excited to be here at IT4Causes. I currently attend the University of Richmond and am serving in the capacity as Volunteer Manager. I have a passion for computer technology, but after taking an intro level computer science, I’ve discovered that my particular passions rest more in the business side of computer science—more in the areas of computer information systems and not programming.

While at IT4Causes, I hope to meet you all and to kind of facilitate a close, working relationship with the rest of the interns and staff and of course, with people who are interesting in volunteering. I’m a very warm, extroverted, and empathic person so I feel as though I will reach out to all of you before my time at IT4Causes ends. As far as my other interests and what I like to do for fun, I don’t differ from many other teenagers. When I’m not behind my computer doing class work or work for IT4Causes, you’ll find me watching Netflix or Hulu. I’m probably catching up on How to Get Away with Murder, Grey’s Anatomy or anything by Shonda Rhymes.


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