In-Kind Supporter – Impact Makers


IT4Causes is extremely fortunate to have the support of Impact Makers, who graciously allow us to share office space with their team.  This in-kind support has been very valuable to us.  The beautiful office, meeting, and event space help us project a very professional image with all of our stakeholders.  The proximity to many of our current and target nonprofit partners, and the availability to schedule meeting rooms, teleconference phones, and projectors has made the team more productive.  And the atmosphere of IT professionalism and camaraderie in the office space makes it a great place to go and just get work done!  The in-kind support also saves us thousands of dollars a year in rent and other office expenses.

So, a huge THANK YOU! to Impact Makers for the on-going support of IT4Causes!

About Impact Makers

Impact Makers was founded by IT4Causes board member Michael Pirron in 2006.  Per their website, “Impact Makers is driven to create meaningful change for our clients, our community partners, and ourselves. We will utilize our innovative business model to transform the business value of our work into social value for the community through partnerships with local non-profits that include financial contributions as well as pro-bono engagements.”

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