Our Model – Better IT for Better Nonprofits


  • Fractional CIO service – A single person will serve as the Chief Information Officer for a group of 5-20 small- to mid-sized NPOs and provide strategic leadership, tactical guidance, and continuity between solutions and volunteers.
  • Common Models Between NPOs – A single framework and architecture, with a menu of options, will be developed for use at all supported agencies, so that each charity can benefit from improvements made at others.
  • Best Practices – Playbooks developed to allow skilled IT volunteers to implement solutions from the menu at a specific agency in 8-hr blocks, leaving behind a well-documented system, consistent with the strategy and architecture.
  • Bite-sized Volunteer Tasks Delivering a Solid IT Strategy – Engaging skilled IT volunteers in short blocks of time provides flexibility, maximizes benefit, and minimizes risk.
  • Underlying Infrastructure That’s Solid Yet Invisible – IT4Causes common strategy is based on best-in-class security models and cloud-based technology that provide automated backups, redundancy, and the ability to access information from any browser on any device at any time.