Partner Spotlight: Friends of Barnabas


One of IT4Causes partner agencies is Friends of Barnabas (FOB), a faith-based organization that improves the lives of children in the impoverished areas of Honduras by not only providing high quality sustainable medical care but by also enabling the communities to become self-sufficient through community health training. You know what they say:

“Give a man a fish, feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, feed him for a lifetime.”

Founded by United Methodist minister Reverend Linwood Cook, FOB has been saving lives in Honduras since 2000. It started out with small mission trips to dispense vitamin A and anti-parasite tablets. Now, it has expanded into full-time clinics offering every level of care including surgery. Medical Mission teams are comprised of medical professionals, Spanish speakers and non-medical staff with a passion to serve. Primary and preventative healthcare is provided by three main programs within the FOB: Community Health Development, Extended Care and Surgery. FOB has met a deep need in the area by providing more than 328, 819 patients with free healthcare and by performing over 1,225 lifesaving operations. In addition, FOB sells a great Honduran blend of coffee that supports their life saving mission!

IT4Causes has worked with FOB to do an initial assessment of the agency’s IT structure. For more information about FOB, its mission, coffee and more please visit the FOB website here. Help FOB make the world better…one child at a time.


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