Partner Spotlight: The Beacon Tree Foundation

Beacon Tree was founded in 2008 by parents Tom and Diana Leahy who were motivated by their own children’s struggles with clinical depression. Unfortunately, there is still a stigma associated with mental health which can make it hard for children to get the resources they need. For the parents who do get past the stigma, the mental health field can be very hard to navigate. However, with the right guidance and help from agencies like Beacon Tree, mental health can be treated effectively.  
“It’s scary because it has no shape, no color. You can’t mend it with a cast, or close it up with a suture. You can’t isolate it under a microscope or see it with a x-ray. It’s a ghost. And it’s a matrix of genetic predisposition, environmental triggers and harmful, even monstrous manifestations. The severity and breadth, from minor attention deficit disorder to severe depression and schizophrenia; from lack of productivity to mass murder and suicide. It’s messy and it’s ugly.”-Founder Tom Leahy
1 in 5 children in the United States suffer from a mental health disorder. A statistic like that can seem daunting, especially if you find yourself as a parent in this situation. Beacon Tree Foundation is dedicated to being an advocate for the family, providing support and financial resources to help children struggling with mental health issues.
IT4Causes has set up Beacon Tree’s Office 365 program and also currently working on their donor management system. In the future we will help them implement even more effective campaign management. For more information on Beacon Tree Foundation and their initiative please visit their website

Partner Spotlight: Children’s Mental Health Resource Center


IT4Causes has been working with the CMHRC to improve their case and donor management systems. We are proud to be helping them achieve their noble mission of improving the lives of families and children who are suffering from mental health problems. Currently, 1 in 5 children have mental health problems which demonstrates the need for their services. They have a great support staff that assists parents in navigating the mental health system to receive the best resources for their children as they help battle society’s stigma against mental health. Susan Thrush, a parent and family advocator for the CMHRC, was kind enough to give us a quick interview about her experience.

Thrush has experience as a parent attempting to navigate the mental health system for her child before CMHRC was founded and talked a great deal of the obstacles and frustrations she had to face. The biggest problem is the stigma attached to children’s mental health. No one talks about these issues to bring about understanding and what makes it worse is when people assume the problem with the child isn’t mental health but an issue with attitude and behavior or a problem with parenting.

                “I didn’t have anyone in my corner and was significantly judged as a parent.”

This is where the CMHRC steps in. They offer a starting point of information for the parents so they don’t have to feel all alone in this battle. They are a guiding light to help navigate through the dark obstacles of insurance policies, doctors, therapists, facilities, home life, stigma and more. Without the CMHRC, Thrush had a frustrating, time consuming experience navigating the system and could have been spared a lot of emotional trauma if they had been known about sooner. Now, she is a part of the wonderful support staff at the center to help prevent these same frustrations from happening to other families. For more information about the CMHRC and their services please visit their website and Facebook page.