Volunteer Spotlight: Michael Edwards

IT4Causes celebrates the work of outstanding volunteer, Michael Edwards.

This is an image of Michael Edwards.Photo © 2021 Michael Edwards. Used with permission of Mr. Edwards.

Although IT4Causes, Inc., celebrates the work of each of our 200+ volunteers who have made contributions to for-purpose organizations such as Virginia Interfaith Center, Senior Connections, and OAR, we, in this short piece, give special recognition to volunteer Michael Edwards (he/him). Michael is one of many volunteers who possess unique competencies such as Data Modeling, Business Analytics (requirements gathering), and Governance and Risk Management.

Since joining our team of volunteers, Michael has contributed more than 103 hours of his time to enable for-purpose organizations to continue supporting the Richmond community’s needs. His most significant contributions directly helped The Pace Center at Virginia Commonwealth University.

During the last quarter of 2020, Michael provided support to the Pace Center, using his capacity as a data modeler to identify the business needs and IT requirements of the Pace Center. The Pace Center (Pace), directed by Rev. Katie B. Gooch (she/her), strives to equip and empower students to listen deeply and respond lovingly to their community and God’s calling on their lives. Pace provides an infrastructure to help students connect with other students with the same interests and passions and collaborate to create activities and programs that help develop a community at Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU).

In support of this mission, Michael, in collaboration with Pace Center volunteer, donor, and board member, Elizabeth Roderick brought valuable IT and database experience to the table. Together, Michael and Elizabeth jointly buy into the great work the Pace Center does to help VCU students and others identify their gifts, assets, and passions. More specifically, Michael and Elizabeth analyzed and tested Pace’s existing database and church management system to confirm its efficacy in supporting existing as well as new programs and applications.

Michael [Edwards] has extensive experience in mentoring young people, so he [can] offer some [critical] insights and tips about how we [as an organization] can be successful.” –Elizabeth Roderick, Pace Center Volunteer, Board Member, Donor

The Pace Center continues to work with IT4Causes to modify the system and ramp up for implementation during VCU’s Spring semester. Elizabeth describes Michael as “good with ‘big picture’ thinking as well as details.” According to Elizabeth, Michael has bought into the Pace Center’s mission and is now considered an integral part of the Pace family! “It was great to focus on the needs of the Pace Center with Michael instead of spending way too much time doom-scrolling and fixating on current events, such as the pandemic, the presidential election, and the final days of the current administration.”

IT4Causes is grateful for Michael’s work as a volunteer. Through this work, Michael has had the opportunity to contribute and hone skills as an information technology professional while giving back to the Richmond community.