Volunteer of the Year 2017: Terry Barker

As announced at Tech4All 2.0, we would like to congratulate our VOLUNTEER OF THE YEAR 2017, Terry Barker.


He is a native Okie, but lived in Virginia for over 30 years now, so he can safely say that he and his family have successfully migrated. He was a high school teacher, oilfield hand, wheat combine operator, and shipping clerk. Most of his career was spent as a mainframe programmer. His last five years were with Geico in Fredericksburg, so it is good that he has retired and do not have to travel the long commute.

Terry Barker and his wife, Kayela, have four children, ten grandchildren, and three great grandchildren, so holidays and birthdays can draw quite a crowd.

He became involved with IT4Causes due to his interest in web programming. He has always loved programming, and when he found out we needed some help with WordPress, it was a natural fit.

In the past year, he has worked with The Faces of Hope, Assisting Families of Inmates, and Commonwealth Autism. The work he does with us has helped him grow as a programmer and he knows it has helped us in our causes. He says that the people in these organizations are great to work with and he has really enjoyed the personal interaction as well.

IT4Causes appreciates all that you do, Terry Barker. Congratulations!

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