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Please refer to our Volunteer Policies.  You will be asked to agree and comply with these prior to submitting your application.

IT4Causes Volunteer Form

Thank you for offering your valuable time and your mad skilz to help local nonprofits be more effective and efficient. Your information is safe with us, and will only be used for internal purposes (including notifications to specific agencies if and when you are actually assigned to them). Please also see the legal agreement

This is optional, but if your company wants to track volunteer time, it's a good idea to enter the company name here.
We'll generally offer volunteer opportunities over email or on the web, but your Project Manager will eventually need a phone number so we reach you in the middle of an assignment.
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It's great to be generous, but also good to be realistic.
We like to plan our work you get an 8-hour packet of work to do over 2 weeks, on your own schedule, but sometimes we need to hard schedule things like cutovers and conversions.
Pick the option that best fits your lifestyle and workload.

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