Why Volunteer with IT4Causes?

First, Some Great Reasons to Volunteer Anywhere:

  • Help others
  • Make a difference
  • Find purpose
  • Enjoy a meaningful conversation
  • Connect with your community
  • Feel involved
  • Contribute to a cause that you care about
  • Use your skills in a productive way
  • Develop new skills
  • Meet new people
  • Explore new areas of interest
  • Expand your horizons
  • Get out of the house
  • Make new friends
  • Strengthen your resume
  • Feel better about yourself
  • And, yes, even actually live longer!

Helping others and making a difference is what it is all about.

By making organizations more productive, your efforts are multiplied

Knowing that you’re helping a great cause with your IT skills and talents is a great feeling.  And when you’re talents make the jobs of staff, board, and other volunteers at our partner agencies easier, you’re not just helping them today – you’re helping them become more efficient and more effective so they can do their jobs better every day.

By enabling our nonprofit organizations to focus on their missions and serve their clients better, your efforts are multiplied throughout their organizations and the community.

So come on, take that next step, and sign up as an IT4Causes volunteer today!  As an extra incentive, registered volunteers will be the first to get invites to our upcoming Volunteer Extravaganza!

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