Volunteer Opportunities

With all the other volunteer opportunities available in the Richmond area, you may be wondering, “why volunteer with IT4Causes?” There are three simple answers to this question:
  1.  You get to use your skills for a higher purpose and value,
  2.  We break down complex work into small, manageable tasks so you small commitment adds up to big impact, and
  3.  You don’t have to own the IT solutions after you’re done.

This allows you to control the time you put into your volunteerism while still making a big difference for a nonprofit in the local community.

We would like to thank you for taking the time to help us serve the Richmond nonprofit community. Please make sure to take the time to go over our volunteer policies, then fill out a secure Volunteer application.

Below is a preview of our volunteer opportunities. Clicking on any of the cards you see will automatically direct you to our public Trello board. To be able to see more details about each task, please complete our volunteer application form and we will provide full access.

Information About Agencies That Need Your Help

Rx Partnership – A nonprofit 501(c)(3) charitable organization that strengthens the health safety net by working through a network of clinics across the state to increase medication access for vulnerable Virginians.

SOAR 365 – A nonprofit organization that has been designed for individuals and families who are coping with the daily real-world challenges of living with a disability. To that end, we’ve continually added more ambitious and thoughtful programs over the past 65 years. And today our services have a profound impact on more than 1,300 people and their families.

Commonwealth Autism Human Services – A nonprofit organization that is passionate about serving people with autism, but our mission has expanded to include systems-level work for all types of developmental disabilities. Since our humble beginnings around a kitchen table, we’ve grown to an organization with a budget of $3.7 million. And now in addition to providing direct support and services for people with autism and developmental disabilities, we also work to improve the systems that serve them. We impact capacity development in human service systems through strategic public-private partnerships, leadership, and collaboration. We envision an inclusive Virginia where all people have the opportunity to participate in every aspect of our community and realize their full potential.

Senior Connections – A senior citizen center which is the Capital Area Agency on Aging that is dedicated to helping older adults maintain their independence and quality of life as they age.  We assist older adults with diverse needs and place special emphasis on those who may be isolated and physically or economically at risk.  We also provide support to caregivers and provide information about available resources to individuals with disabilities.

Leadership Metro Richmond (LMR) – A region’s community leadership development and engagement organization. LMR began in 1980 to improve racial, gender, and socio-economic divides in our area’s community leadership. Today over 2,000 diverse leaders have participated in our 10-month leadership development program, Leadership Quest. Our graduates mirror our region and include individuals who have been publicly recognized as key leaders in our area and leaders who quietly make a significant impact in their communities. We connect diverse leaders with one another and partner with organizations to create opportunities for community engagement. LMR provides leaders with an environment for high-performing conversations, broadens their knowledge and perspectives about our region, and inspires them to serve unselfishly.  In addition to Leadership Quest, we provide activities and programs for our alumni and the community to strengthen our region’s leadership. LMR inspires collaboration, inclusion, and unselfish service.

Side By Side – A community non-profit organization that is serving at the risk for young people and their families. At Side by Side, we walk with young people impacted by adversity on their unique journeys to heal from trauma, restore resilience, and embrace their own potential. We see our clients for the individuals they are, and how all aspects of their life experiences have impacted their behavior, emotions, and ability to learn. We provide critical and comprehensive services that honor the young person’s unique needs and strengths to prevent the escalation of dangerous conditions and behaviors and set them on a positive path. When they feel seen for who they are today, we believe our youth can move with confidence toward a future with meaning and connection.

Episcopal Diocese of Virginia – A religious organization that contains a community of 2.2 million members at 110 dioceses, in America and abroad. The Diocese of Virginia is a community of more than 68,000 baptized members and 425 clergies in 38 counties, containing several cities of central, northern & northwestern Virginia. Serving the world through 180 congregations, six schools, two diocesan centers, six diocesan homes, and home to the largest Anglican seminary in the world. The diocesan community strives to support and grow our priority ministries: healing across differences; resourcing God’s mission; sharing the faith of Jesus with youth and others; and honoring and caring for God’s creation.

Friends Association for Children – A non-profit organization for children and family agencies that has served the Central Virginia community for over 140 years. FRIENDS began in 1871 as an orphanage in historic Jackson Ward. Today, it operates two multi-service licensed child development centers in Richmond. Currently, FRIENDS serves nearly 1,000 children, ages six weeks to 17 years of age, through a broad array of services. FRIENDS children gain critical literacy and developmental skills that are needed to succeed in school & life. Additionally, children achieve a greater understanding by appreciating their community and the world around them.

Salvation Army Boys and Girls Club (SABGC) – A youth organization, also known as the Salvation Army (international movement), which is an evangelical part of the universal Christian church. Our message is based on the Bible. Our ministry is motivated by the love of God. We were founded in London, England in 1865, by Methodist minister William Booth, who left the church to preach as an independent evangelist in the slums of London’s East End. Booth organized The Salvation Army church by military rank. Missions or churches became “corps,” members became “soldiers,” ministers became “Officers,” and Booth was its first “General.” In 1880 The Salvation Army was established in New York City and in 1885 The Salvation Army began helping those in need in Central Virginia. Since then, our Area Command has grown and now offers numerous programs to those who need us most in Central Virginia, including; the Adult Rehabilitation Center, The Salvation Army Boys & Girls Club, Christmas Assistance programs, Centers for Worship and Service, Emergency Shelters, Family Services, and Volunteer Outreach.

Mentor Virginia – A non-profit organization that promotes effective youth mentoring by increasing the capacity and sustainability of mentoring programs, and providing resources to support the mentoring field throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia. MENTOR Virginia’s mission is to partner with youth mentoring programs to help grow their impact because high quality mentoring ends up transforming lives and strengthening Virginia’s communities. MENTOR Virginia is an affiliate of MENTOR: The National Mentoring Partnership. Every young person in Virginia who needs a mentor will have a trained mentor. MENTOR Virginia is an independent, 501 (c) 3 organization founded in 1993 to provide training and program assistance for mentors & mentoring programs around Virginia. Today, MENTOR Virginia promotes effective mentoring in Virginia by increasing the capacity of mentoring programs, developing new programs, and advocating for resources to support the mentoring field.

The Pace Center – A non-profit organization that is VCU’s Methodist Campus Ministry, which equips and empowers their VCU students to be community leaders who listen deeply and respond lovingly to the voices of their community. Our mission corresponds to listening deeply, by delivering emotion to their community and helping God’s calling on their lives. Our vision is a Christ-shaped body where VCU students help build the community by discovering their purpose, others’ purpose, and by establishing a rhythm of life that enables a purpose from inside for thriving in today’s society. Our values consist of a ministry for the United Methodist Church, as Pace believes the kingdom of God is a reality to be experienced by all. It facilitates this with an emphasis on the following values, that is every individual gets created with infinite value and lives more fully in the kingdom when they are empowered to use their gifts to help their communities thrive. All of us are created to live in deep relationships with one another, and not in isolation.