Volunteer Opportunities

With all the other volunteer opportunities available in the Richmond area, you may be wondering, “why volunteer with IT4Causes?” There are three simple answers to this question:

  1.  You get to use your skills for a higher purpose and value,
  2.  We break down complex work into small, manageable tasks so you small commitment adds up to big impact, and
  3.  You don’t have to own the IT solutions after you’re done.

This allows you to control the time you put into your volunteerism while still making a big difference for a nonprofit in the local community.

We would like to thank you for taking the time to help us serve the Richmond nonprofit community. Please make sure to take the time to go over our volunteer policies, then fill out a secure Volunteer application.  Once you complete a volunteer form, we'll reach out to you periodically with opportunities, or you can let our Volunteer Manager know you're interested in one of the opportunities listed here!

Current IT Volunteer Opportunities in RVA

SharePoint Strategy and Execution



Various Office 365/Azure Server Migration
OAR  Security Analysis 
Side By Side Network Analysis 
Various Office 365 Training
Various Salesforce Lead
Multiple Office 365 Conversion Team Member
Various Office 365 Conversion Lead
CCHASM *URGENT* Salesforce Lead
Various Level 2 Help Desk Support
IT4Causes Technology for Non-technical Audiences - Seminar Leads
Various Initial Assessment of IT Capabilities
IT4Causes Salesforce
IT4Causes Analysis for support service offering
Multiple Agencies Website creation, migration, and updates in WordPress
Multiple Agencies **CRITICAL** SaaS Implementation (Donor Management solutions)
ART180 Apple and Mac Support

If you'd like to lend your talent to local nonprofits through one of these specific opportunities, please contact our Volunteer Manager.