Volunteer Opportunities

With all the other volunteer opportunities available in the Richmond area, you may be wondering, “why volunteer with IT4Causes?” There are three simple answers to this question:

  1.  You get to use your skills for a higher purpose and value,
  2.  We break down complex work into small, manageable tasks so you small commitment adds up to big impact, and
  3.  You don’t have to own the IT solutions after you’re done.

This allows you to control the time you put into your volunteerism while still making a big difference for a nonprofit in the local community.

We would like to thank you for taking the time to help us serve the Richmond nonprofit community. Please make sure to take the time to go over our volunteer policies, then fill out a secure Volunteer application.  Once you complete a volunteer form, we'll reach out to you periodically with opportunities, or you can let our Volunteer Manager know you're interested in one of the opportunities listed here!

Current IT Volunteer Opportunities in RVA

General Opportunities

  • Email Filtering Expert
    We are currently looking for a volunteer to assist in developing rules to clean and declutter various email accounts within the Office365 Outlook platform. Ideally, the volunteer will have a working knowledge of Outlook and should be able to set up rules to optimize and separate emails into a variety of categories including real, spam/junk.

  • PC Hardware Support
    We are currently seeking volunteers with PC hardware skills at the intermediate or advanced skill level. Ideally, the volunteer will be able to evaluate and diagnose non-functional PC machines. It would also be a plus if the volunteer had to skills to repair the non-functional unit.

  • G-Suite Administrator
    3 agencies (Art180, OAR, VAVP) need a volunteer or volunteers with intermediate skills in Google Suite Administration. The ideal volunteer will be interested in the Google Suite for business/non-profits. They will develop a strategy for implementation of Google Suite. They will also be able to provide support in G-Suite functions such as user administration, security, documentation, organization, as well as storage and back up.

  • STEM/Digital Design Lab Development
    Join us and the The Salvation Army Boys & Girls Club in developing a new STEM and digital and media lab. This opportunity will be on-going (~3 months) and we are looking for a number of volunteers that can provide assistance and guidance in classroom management software, device management in mixed platform environments (Windows, Android, MacOS). We are also looking for business systems analysts (K-12 preferred) to assess varying requirements throughout the project.

  • Search Engine Optimization
    2 clients (CA, VAVP) are seeking volunteers with skills in search engine optimization (SEO). Ideal volunteers will possess intermediate web development, marketing, SEO, or relevant skills. The volunteers will aid in identifying keywords and tag as well as setting up Yoast SEO tool on existing WordPress websites.

  • QuickBooks Assessement
    Our client (Gateway Homes) is outgrowing their current financial management system, so we are seeking a QuickBooks expert to help assess the current and future needs of Gateway Homes. Primarily the volunteer should be able to provide feedback and guidance on the capabilities of QuickBooks. Volunteer might also aid in identification of new management systems in the event that QuickBooks is no longer a viable option.

  • Refurbished Lab Development
    For this opportunity, we are seeking interested IT volunteers who have at least intermediate skills with PC hardware and networking. As stated in the name, the volunteer will be an active participant in the development of a refurbished lab for one of our clients (Side by Side). This opportunity will involve setting up several PC units, connecting units to our client’s server/network for internet capabilities, implementing appropriate security measures, and other operations/functions as needed.

  • Mac General Support
    We have identified opportunities at 2 of our client sites (Side by Side, Art180) for Mac General Support to provide general support services. Typical services include printer setup, wired/wireless network connection, and other general services. This opportunity requires an intermediate skill in Mac Support.

  • Web/Graphic Design
    Several agencies have an ongoing need for volunteers with interests and skills in web development and graphic design. This opportunity will require a volunteer to have applicable knowledge of popular design software platforms such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator (or similar programs). Well qualified volunteers will also possess at least an intermediate skill in programming languages (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, etc.), layout (WordPress, Bootstrap, etc.) and design related to web development.

For more information, please contact our Volunteer Manager.