Volunteer Opportunities

With all the other volunteer opportunities available in the Richmond area, you may be wondering, “why volunteer with IT4Causes?” There are three simple answers to this question:

  1.  You get to use your skills for a higher purpose and value,
  2.  We break down complex work into small, manageable tasks so you small commitment adds up to big impact, and
  3.  You don’t have to own the IT solutions after you’re done.

This allows you to control the time you put into your volunteerism while still making a big difference for a nonprofit in the local community.

We would like to thank you for taking the time to help us serve the Richmond nonprofit community. Please make sure to take the time to go over our volunteer policies, then fill out a secure Volunteer application.  Once you complete a volunteer form, we'll reach out to you periodically with opportunities, or you can let our Volunteer Manager know you're interested in one of the opportunities listed here!

Current IT Volunteer Opportunities in RVA

General Opportunities

  • Quickbooks Migration for IT4Causes
    IT4Causes is a small non-profit organization that provides IT support to other non-profits in the Richmond area. Given IT4Causes's size, we are currently seeking volunteers to help us transition from a paid version of Quickbooks to a free version. The ideal volunteer(s) will have a working knowledge of Intuit Quickbooks and should be familiar with most deployment packages. Other necessary skills might include data backups, file migrations, and program updates.

  • Cloud Migration Services at Senior Connections
    IT4Causes, Inc. is currently seeking volunteers with intermediate to advanced skills in Office365, Sharepoint/OnePoint, and Microsoft Exchange/Outlook to assist and support Senior Connections with cloud migration. The ideal volunteer will be familiar with installing, configuring, and maintaining Windows-based servers. We are seeking volunteers with a comprehensive knowledge of severing installation and configuration, server upgrades, system maintenance processes, and some technical support and guidance that can be distributed to the client as needed for minor maintenance and support. Volunteers might also be asked to create system backups of new and old data, maintain/update system security, and test/monitor/track system performance.

  • Operating System Upgrades at Senior Connections (Project Management)
    IT4Causes is currently seeking project management volunteers to provide support and guidance to a team of interns. These interns (and other volunteers) will be tasked with upgrading approximately 40 PCs to Windows 10 operating system, from Windows 7/8. The ideal volunteer will develop an outline, prepare, and implement a management plan that connects the interns, the client site and IT4Causes. The project manager should be comfortable working in collaborative spaces both physical and telecommunicatively and should be able to manage large teams (5-10) of student interns. This role requires an intermediate to advanced skills set in project management. Skills and expertise in PC Hardware, Windows operating systems are also preferred.

  • Microsoft Office 365 Security
    We are currently seeking volunteers to assist in the implementation of several security components within Microsoft Office 365. The specific components include Mail Encryption (OME), Mobile Device Management (MDM), Multifactor Authentication (MFA), Self-Service Password Reset (SSPR), and best security practices. Experienced volunteers can expect to spend 5-15 hours per week, based on your schedule. Volunteers should have at minimum an intermediate level of knowledge with Office 365.

  • Security Assessments 
    Join us and the The Salvation Army Boys & Girls Club in developing a new STEM and digital and media lab. This opportunity will be on-going (~3 months) and we are looking for a number of volunteers that can provide assistance and guidance in classroom management software, device management in mixed platform environments (Windows, Android, MacOS). We are also looking for business systems analysts (K-12 preferred) to assess varying requirements throughout the project.

In addition to these general opportunities, IT4Causes also maintains workstreams for critical skills such as Information Security, Microsoft Office365, Salesforce, SharePoint/One Drive, and Google Suite Administration. If you have skills or interest related to these topics (or if you would like more information on current and upcoming projects) please reach out to our Volunteer Manager  accordingly.