Robert “Bob” Parker named 2018 Volunteer of the Year

2018 Volunteer of the Year, Robert “Bob” Parker

RICHMOND, Virginia—In our 4th year of operation, IT4Causes, Inc. created prominent impacts on the Richmond non-profit community. Contributing over 4,800 hours, IT4Causes’s volunteers and interns were able to create a $580,000 impact for 26 local non-profits. Positively changing the lives of 20,000 citizens, IT4Causes provides services to companies such as CA Human Services, OAR of Richmond, Beacon Tree Foundation, and NAMI of Virginia. IT4Causes is certainly appreciative of every volunteer and intern that has contributed their time or resources to our mission of Better IT for a Better World, but we would like to give special recognition to the individuals that have gone above and beyond the “volunteer” call-of -duty—our volunteers of the year.

Our Volunteers of the Year demonstrate a great commitment to our mission and to the betterment of the non-profit agencies we serve. They excel in their respective technical expertise, and they provide guidance to the implementation/service teams they lead. They are also able to manage multiple large-scale projects simultaneously. Because of his outstanding contributions to IT4Causes and our non-profit clients, we are proud to announce Robert “Bob” Parker as a 2018 volunteer of the year. Committing more than 100 hours to manage our client project portfolios, Bob has become an integral part of IT4Causes team!   

When we asked Bob what inspired him to join IT4Causes as a volunteer, he responded with positive sentiments: “I originally became interested in IT4Causes after attending an event several years ago, and became intrigued with the opportunity to leverage my background” upon retirement.  He closed his remarks by stating, “when I retired from Altria, I contacted Tom to discuss how I might help..”  Bob dove right into the work and was quickly adding value.  “I leveraged some of what I did at Altria in managing outsourced project resources and adapted it to the needs of IT4Causes,” Parker said.  

IT4Causes CEO and Founder Tom Anderson quickly recognized Bob’s skills and enthusiasm.  Working closely alongside Anderson as a project manager, Bob was able to bring organization and rationale to several operational activities. “Bob has been truly instrumental in our recent growth by not just taking up some key tasks that free more of my bandwidth to directly help our nonprofit clients, but by enabling us with new tools to get a better handle on the dozens of projects our volunteers and interns are working on at any given time.  He’s enabled us to have a much more comprehensive view of the work, and it’s been an invaluable service to our agency.”   

Recounting his volunteer experience throughout the year, Bob spoke enthusiastically, “providing value to IT4Causes and the clients give me a sense of fulfillment that I am doing something worthwhile.” Continuing to pursue his passions through retirement, IT4Causes “gives me something of interest to do while still providing positive societal value.”  

It is this societal value that we continue to use to inspire new volunteers to get involved with our mission of providing low-cost IT solutions to non-profit clients. At IT4Causes, current students, recent graduates, industry level professionals and retirees alike can find opportunities to continue their IT passions and interests while delivering good to the community around them. 2019 is the year to make your impact, deliver good, and contribute to the non-profit community. As such, we hope you will consider joining Bob and our team as a volunteer or intern.

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