Another successful internship – Michael Taylor

Over the summer, Michael Taylor, a student from J. Sergeant Reynolds Community College and a participant of Courage To Succeed from Charterhouse School, had the opportunity to intern with IT4Causes. Michael benefited from his internship both personally and professionally. He gained skills in web design and gained experience working within a professional organization, which is much different than simply doing assignments for school. He was able to work with clients and see his web design ideas put into practice. He was eager to learn from Tom and eager to master the tasks he was assigned.

Michael also grew in his social skills during this internship. He improved in his ability to greet Tom in the mornings and to stay on topic in conversation. He expressed gratitude for all of the time and assistance he got from Tom throughout the internship. By the end of the internship, Michael expressed sadness that it was over and wished the experience could continue! Michael was pleased to be offered the opportunity to continue to work with some of his clients on an as-needed basis under Tom’s supervision.

Michael recently wrote this about his internship experience:
“This summer I had an internship with IT4Causes I did very well. However I was not the only one with an internship as each summer everyone in C2S who is going to be partaking in classes the next semester has to have an internship.
This is about me however, in my internship I worked on websites in WordPress. I helped fix problems with the sites, as well as made improvements. I did so well that one of the clients of IT4Causes asked me to do maintenance on the site I worked on for his nonprofit! ….

You never know what will happen with an internship!

The Courage to Succeed program is a college and transition support program for young adults with neurological differences. This program is a part of Charterhouse School at the nonprofit UMFS. The goal of the program is to assist students in pursuit of their academic goals while also strengthening social skills, independent living skills, emotional well-being, community involvement and self-advocacy skills.

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Michael Taylor

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