Introducing Our New Bonner Scholar Interns

RICHMOND, Va–Last year, in partnership with the University of Richmond’s Bonner Center for Civic Engagement, IT4Causes welcomed 2 new interns, Will Walker, and Abhishek Shilpakar. A year later, we are pleased to announce the addition of two more Bonner Scholars*, Jannette You and Tom Lee.

Jannette, a freshman, plans to major in Business Administration, with a concentration in Business Analytics. As a graduate of Mount Hebron High school, Jannette wants to explore her interest in international business., as well as management, consulting and entrepreneurship, in hopes of becoming an international business consultant and business owner. She is very excited to join us, and she’s looking forward to accomplishing many goals during her tenure with IT4Causes.

In her free time, Jannette enjoys playing tennis, volunteering, and learning more about different cultures. On weekends, you can find her in one of 900+ RVA restaurants trying new cuisines. Jannette is also involved with Finance Society where she is the vice president of outreach and manages mock investment portfolios for over 50 students. For this upcoming semester, she will be joining a sorority as well.

At IT4Causes, Jannette hopes to explore her interests in management and expand her knowledge about information technology. For now, she will be helping us with event planning as well as improving her skills in bookkeeping and other finance-related topics. Joining our team as a non-profit management intern, we are excited to share some great opportunities with her so that she can accomplish her personal goals.

Tom Lee, a freshman, also plans to study business administration with a minor in leadership studies. Joining our intern community from Hillsborough, NJ, he hopes to explore “things to do” in the business world. Understanding the importance of IT, he was drawn to IT4Causes because of our commitment to providing low-cost services to other non-profits.

Outside of academic commitments, Tom has a passion for outdoor recreation activities such as hiking, biking, and swimming. At the University of Richmond, Tom is a member of the club water polo and golf teams as well as a member of GreenUR. He also enjoys playing many different kinds of sports such as squash, water polo, and basketball.

In his role as a  Business Development Intern, Tom hopes to learn many different business skills as well as some information technology skills. In addition, he hopes to learn as much as he can about IT4Causes and our business model and other organizational practices. Tom wants to provide as much support as he can to IT4Causes and the Richmond community as a whole.

Connecting us with passionate students who care a great deal about the non-profit community and information technology, we are proud of our long-term partnership with the University of Richmond and UR’s Bonner Center for Civic Engagement.

*The Bonner Scholars Program is a prestigious honor that is bestowed upon 25 students of each incoming class at the University of Richmond. These students commit at least 10 hours a week to a non-profit organization in the city of Richmond. Bonner Scholars spend a semester exploring many different organizations, and they apply to them in late December. Selecting their best fit organizations, Bonners commit for 3.5 years, allowing them the opportunity to gain valuable professional experience and meaningful connection.

David “Dave” Crighton named 2018 Volunteer of the Year

RICHMOND, Va—As a continuation of our previous post, we are also proud to announce another 2018 volunteer of the year: David “Dave” Crighton.  Contributing 105 hours to organizations like Virginia Early Childhood Foundation, Better2Gether RVA, and Side by Side, Dave was able to “learn and gain experience to support local non-profit communities.” In his volunteer role at IT4Causes, Dave also excelled in his technical expertise, was able to provide guidance to the teams he led and was able to manage multiple projects simultaneously.

While in search of his next permanent position as a business analyst, Dave joined the volunteer staff as a SharePoint expert. Using his experience and expertise, Dave assisted these companies with migrating files shares, Active Directory and Microsoft Exchange hosted on “under-the-desk” servers to Office 365.

Approaching IT4Causes at the RVA Career Expo, Dave was excited to make the move to Office 365, but he “lacked the professional experience to land the position;” however, this lack of experience was only a small challenge for Dave. Taking advantage of the IT4Causes business model of having a bank of volunteers that are experts in various areas allowed Dave to conquer the learning curve without impacting his project timelines. Dave was also pleased with the flexibility of the volunteer role and the opportunity to engage non-profits in the Richmond area. “While 15 hours or less per month was more typical, I was able to dedicate 40 hours one month,” Dave said, “After I received a contract, I had to cut back, but I was still able to provide meaningful services and engagement to my teams.”

When we asked Dave about his impact on the Richmond community, he reiterated our mission of providing low-cost IT solutions to local non-profits: “the IT4Causes business model provides an invaluable service to small not-for-profit companies who do not have the in-house IT staff to maintain servers and infrastructure.” An integral part of our team, Dave was monumental in helping us deliver these services to our non-profit clients.

Dave has a history of volunteering on a Fire and Emergency Medical Services department, Boys Scouts, and his neighborhood association, but was surprised by his volunteer of the year award. “While I did volunteer a significant number of hours during one month while I was out of work, I didn’t feel as if I was really going above and beyond after I returned to work,” he told us. From this perspective, Dave was doing what he loved while also positively impacting the Richmond community. His modest comments show us the value of volunteerism and how what feels like a small impact becomes the foundation of great change.

With his contribution to #BetterITForABetterWorld, Dave was also able to benefit from the friendliness of the IT4Causes staff. Highlighting the ease of access to staff and volunteers as well as resources, Dave continues to value his experience with IT4Causes. Dave’s contributions allow his professional network and future employers to see that he values continuous learning and service beyond a paycheck. In addition to displaying his true passions, Dave’s volunteer role also gave him a variety of different opportunities to add to his professional experience allowing him to keep his expertise “fresh and current.”

IT4Causes once again expresses its sincerest thanks to Dave and all of the volunteers that work with us to deliver high quality IT services to our non-profit clients. We would be unable to do what we do without our volunteers! If you have an interest in  information technology and would like to make an impact, please let us know!


Robert “Bob” Parker named 2018 Volunteer of the Year

2018 Volunteer of the Year, Robert “Bob” Parker

RICHMOND, Virginia—In our 4th year of operation, IT4Causes, Inc. created prominent impacts on the Richmond non-profit community. Contributing over 4,800 hours, IT4Causes’s volunteers and interns were able to create a $580,000 impact for 26 local non-profits. Positively changing the lives of 20,000 citizens, IT4Causes provides services to companies such as CA Human Services, OAR of Richmond, Beacon Tree Foundation, and NAMI of Virginia. IT4Causes is certainly appreciative of every volunteer and intern that has contributed their time or resources to our mission of Better IT for a Better World, but we would like to give special recognition to the individuals that have gone above and beyond the “volunteer” call-of -duty—our volunteers of the year.

Our Volunteers of the Year demonstrate a great commitment to our mission and to the betterment of the non-profit agencies we serve. They excel in their respective technical expertise, and they provide guidance to the implementation/service teams they lead. They are also able to manage multiple large-scale projects simultaneously. Because of his outstanding contributions to IT4Causes and our non-profit clients, we are proud to announce Robert “Bob” Parker as a 2018 volunteer of the year. Committing more than 100 hours to manage our client project portfolios, Bob has become an integral part of IT4Causes team!   

When we asked Bob what inspired him to join IT4Causes as a volunteer, he responded with positive sentiments: “I originally became interested in IT4Causes after attending an event several years ago, and became intrigued with the opportunity to leverage my background” upon retirement.  He closed his remarks by stating, “when I retired from Altria, I contacted Tom to discuss how I might help..”  Bob dove right into the work and was quickly adding value.  “I leveraged some of what I did at Altria in managing outsourced project resources and adapted it to the needs of IT4Causes,” Parker said.  

IT4Causes CEO and Founder Tom Anderson quickly recognized Bob’s skills and enthusiasm.  Working closely alongside Anderson as a project manager, Bob was able to bring organization and rationale to several operational activities. “Bob has been truly instrumental in our recent growth by not just taking up some key tasks that free more of my bandwidth to directly help our nonprofit clients, but by enabling us with new tools to get a better handle on the dozens of projects our volunteers and interns are working on at any given time.  He’s enabled us to have a much more comprehensive view of the work, and it’s been an invaluable service to our agency.”   

Recounting his volunteer experience throughout the year, Bob spoke enthusiastically, “providing value to IT4Causes and the clients give me a sense of fulfillment that I am doing something worthwhile.” Continuing to pursue his passions through retirement, IT4Causes “gives me something of interest to do while still providing positive societal value.”  

It is this societal value that we continue to use to inspire new volunteers to get involved with our mission of providing low-cost IT solutions to non-profit clients. At IT4Causes, current students, recent graduates, industry level professionals and retirees alike can find opportunities to continue their IT passions and interests while delivering good to the community around them. 2019 is the year to make your impact, deliver good, and contribute to the non-profit community. As such, we hope you will consider joining Bob and our team as a volunteer or intern.

For more information, questions, or comments please contact our volunteer manager.


Sponsor Feature Story: Impact Makers

Impact Makers is a unique management and technology consulting firm committed to contributing 100% of net profits to the community over the life of the company. Their community contributions rival companies a hundred times their size due to this revolutionary model. To date, Impact Makers has contributed nearly $3 million in direct financial support and pro bono consulting to nonprofit community partners.

Founded in Richmond, Virginia in 2006, Impact Makers helps clients manage through transformation across IT, Data, Cloud, Security, and People. They deliver strategic consulting, backing it up with deeper implementation skills in Cloud, DevOps, and Data. They are a founding certified B Corp, a benefit corporation, and have made the Inc. 5000 list of fastest growing companies for the past seven years.

Impact Makers’ mission is to create meaningful change for their clients, nonprofit partners, and community. Impact Makers utilizes their innovative business model to transform the business value of their work into social value for the community through partnerships with local nonprofits that include financial contributions as well as pro bono engagements. The social impact model attracts experienced consultants looking for more than a paycheck. The result is mission-aligned teams that outperform non-mission aligned teams any day of the week. 

Impact Makers has partnered with IT4Causes since 2015. About 50 Impact Makers’ consultants have worked with the organization and its clients, providing more than 1,340 volunteer hours of IT strategy and consulting. The services include IT support and project management, security and HIPAA assessments, policies and procedures, and SharePoint collaboration and knowledge management. Impact Makers continues to support IT4Causes and has established a cybersecurity working team to enable ongoing streamlined support for information security.