Sponsor Feature Story: VACO

At Vaco, we believe that who you are is more important than what you do. We’re here to help the best IT, accounting, finance, and operations talent find the freedom that comes from fulfilling their professional potential with smart companies nationwide.  Vaco provides boutique-level service with global reach in the areas of executive search, consulting, permanent placement, and strategic staffing.  Vaco has become a premier talent & solutions firm by attracting, developing and retaining the strongest players in the industry for their entire careers, so they are available to serve clients, candidates, and consultants for the duration of theirs. At its core, Vaco’s mission is to connect people to their dream jobs and help leading companies find talent to grow their business.

Vaco is also a huge supporter of those in need.  Vaco Cares is a national program launched recently and within less than a year, over $70k was raised to support designated non-profits.   We gladly support IT4Causes and all the work they do in support of their mission.

Meet Our New Partner: VECF


The Virginia Early Childhood Foundation (VECF) is a non-partisan organization that focuses on advancing school readiness by developing innovative initiatives to ensure a quality early start for all children across the state of Virginia.

VECF is working with IT4Causes to solve the various challenges we face with our technology. IT4Causes conducted an IT assessment of the capabilities, needs, and issues of VECF’s technology and we were given recommendations for solutions and areas of opportunities after the assessment. Currently, IT4Causes has been helping us with new computer installations, an in-depth review of our webinar and video conference services, and an evaluation of our grant management systems. Having the support of IT4Causes will help us fulfill our mission of advancing school readiness in the Commonwealth.

Our New Partner: Side By Side

IT4Causes recently started working with Side By Side. We asked Ted Lewis, Side By Side’s Executive Director, to tell us more about their agency and why they decided to use IT4Causes to help with their IT strategy and project needs.

“Side by Side (formerly ROSMY) works to create supportive communities where Virginia’s LGBTQ+ youth can define themselves, belong, and flourish. We accomplish this through our weekly support groups for LGBTQ+ youth in Richmond, Charlottesville, and Petersburg, as well as our training and outreach to schools, youth organizations, and businesses throughout Virginia.

side by side logo

We have grown significantly in recent years and IT4Causes will ensure we are using the most up-to-date technology that is integrated into our work effectively to help keep pace with the growing need in our community.”

In our first two weeks serving Side By Side, IT4Causes is already busy helping them select a new donor management application that will integrate with their email, financial management, social media, and other platforms, as well as creating a reusable script to make it easier for them to onboard new staff.

Volunteer of the Year 2017: Terry Barker

As announced at Tech4All 2.0, we would like to congratulate our VOLUNTEER OF THE YEAR 2017, Terry Barker.


He is a native Okie, but lived in Virginia for over 30 years now, so he can safely say that he and his family have successfully migrated. He was a high school teacher, oilfield hand, wheat combine operator, and shipping clerk. Most of his career was spent as a mainframe programmer. His last five years were with Geico in Fredericksburg, so it is good that he has retired and do not have to travel the long commute.

Terry Barker and his wife, Kayela, have four children, ten grandchildren, and three great grandchildren, so holidays and birthdays can draw quite a crowd.

He became involved with IT4Causes due to his interest in web programming. He has always loved programming, and when he found out we needed some help with WordPress, it was a natural fit.

In the past year, he has worked with The Faces of Hope, Assisting Families of Inmates, and Commonwealth Autism. The work he does with us has helped him grow as a programmer and he knows it has helped us in our causes. He says that the people in these organizations are great to work with and he has really enjoyed the personal interaction as well.

IT4Causes appreciates all that you do, Terry Barker. Congratulations!

Meet Our Sponsor – Robert Half

We are happy to have Robert Half Technology as a sponsor for Tech4All 2.0. Read this blog post for more information about them, their mission, and come meet them on Nov. 9th!


Founded in 1948, Robert Half is the world’s first and largest specialized staffing firm with more than 400 staffing and consulting locations worldwide. Our Robert Half Technology division is the leading provider of skilled IT professionals on a project and full-time basis.

Robert Half

One thing that sets us apart from other firms in the industry is that our account executives typically have experience in the IT field, which helps us better evaluate our client’s needs. As a result, firms of all sizes have come to rely on our consultants for projects ranging from network design and security to Internet-based applications development and technical support. Our international network of skilled IT professionals is ready to help our clients carry out a variety of complex technology initiatives and enhance their productivity.


We pride ourselves in maintaining relationships with technology industry leaders, influencers and user groups, including IT4Causes in Richmond! We’re very excited about the upcoming technology networking event, Tech4All 2.0, and learning more about the emerging technologies nonprofits use to better service their clients.

What some of our interns are saying about their new jobs for 2017-18 school year

Jenish Lamsal


My experience as an Intern for IT4Causes has been pretty good so far. I have been able to be involved in tasks that I had never done before. I went to my first Project assessment meeting with Tom at Virginia Interfaith. I really learned a lot in that meeting. I didn’t realize how detailed a project assessment meeting would be. Tom covered all of the concerns they might have from security to website designing. I learned a great deal about finding the smallest problems a client might have in that meeting.

I recently had a one-on-one with Tom regarding my goals and aspirations with IT4Causes and my long term goals in general. Tom pointed out the resources I could use to help achieve my goals which was very helpful. I am interested in database management, cyber security and web designing. We also recently started a project in Salesforce, which I excited to start learning.

I think I am going to get a lot out from this internship. I appreciate the fact that Tom cares about our personal goals and tries to provide us with projects that match with our goals.

David Naimy

IT4Causes has been a great experience so far. I find this internship both valuable and rewarding because it is getting me more familiar with the IT workplace, and the fact that IT4Causes works for nonprofit organizations provides me satisfaction in knowing that my efforts are helping out those who are in need. From this internship I hope to gain more IT experience and figure out which way I want to further my career path. I can’t wait to see what else is in store for me and my fellow interns!

Meet Our Intern: Haamid Shaikh


My name is Haamid Shaikh and I’m a senior at the University of Richmond. I’m currently pursuing a major in Economics with a concentration in Finance. My role at IT4Causes is as a Business Development Intern. I value this role because it helps me gain important career-related experience while making an impact in the community and helping other non-profits. This role helps in honing my business skills, gaining professional experience and growing my professional network. I would recommend this internship to anyone looking to learn more about developing a business and managing existing client-base.

Summer 2017 Interns: Scott, John, and Jasleen



My name is Scott Su. My role with IT4Causes was the Nonprofit Management Intern. In this role, I was responsible for marketing and event planning. On the marketing, my job was to draft messages for social media and create presentation slides and videos for promoting the company. On the event planning side, I was in charge of planning and coordinating Happy Hours and other networking events, including finding sponsors and promoting the events.
My main goal in the internship was to get more people to know about IT4Causes and learn as much knowledge and as many skills as I can. And this internship provides me a lot of opportunities to try different work. Because IT4Causes is a nonprofit startup, interns like me can work on many different aspects instead of doing one type of work every day. Therefore, the biggest thing I have learned from this internship was the understanding of the management of a startup. I now have a clearer sense of a company’s structure and how different parts coordinate with each other. Another great thing about this internship is its flexibility. I know what I need to do and I can spread the work evenly in a day or in a week rather than work straight eight hours a day. And I also have the option to work remotely. Besides several meetings a week, I do not need to go back to the office every day. That allows me to work in a more comfortable environment.
I found this internship very rewarding and valuable and I would definitely recommend to others who have an interest in startups and non-profits. Most of the times, interns are trained to take over the tedious work and help the employees in the company to work more efficiently, in which case, they don’t have a lot of learning opportunities. However, in this internship, I worked directly with the founder and I was in charge of the entire process of marketing or event planning. I got a lot more responsibility but huge growth in my skills and knowledge at the same time. And it is rewarding because I know my effort is not only for this company but also for the community IT4Causes is helping.

Happy Quote:
I wanted an internship that offers the opportunity to develop skills in all different aspects of a business. And this internship at IT4Causes is exactly what I look for.




I found this internship through the University of Richmond Career Services website, and didn’t know a ton about the organization at first. I was interested because it seemed like a good way to reconcile my passion for charitable work with my business education, so I decided to look a little closer at IT4Causes. What I found was a startup with a worthy mission, and so I applied and was ultimately accepted. During the summer, I had a broad range of responsibilities and therefore had a broad range of learning experiences. As is the case with most startups, the job description is just the beginning of what you will end up learning and doing, and I found the vast array of experiences very rewarding.
With the summer behind me, I would highly recommend this internship to anyone who is either interested in startups/entrepreneurship OR to anyone who is interested in charitable work. Beyond the work-related experiences I had with IT4Causes, I developed a rich network of nonprofit leaders in the Richmond area and was exposed to the causes those organizations support. By working with IT4Causes, I got to support multiple agencies who believe in multiple worthy causes. I also got the chance to work alongside different members of committees for IT4Causes, and learn from professionals in a wide variety of fields. Finally, I had the chance to apply my business education in an environment where people are working hard to solve issues that plague the Richmond community, and to know that my work had and will continue to have a positive impact.




I had a great time working for IT4Causes this past summer! Going into the internship, I didn’t have much expectations of what I was going to learn or what kind of an experience I would get. However, at the end of the internship I was quite content with how I had spent my summer. I learned a lot more than I had imagined I would! Since IT4Causes helps lots of local non-profits clients, I was able to interact with many of them on a one-on-one level. Working with different clients helped boost my confidence level and gave me the interaction with others that I had always yearned for. The best part was that I didn’t just stay at one location all throughout the internship. This past summer, I definitely had a valuable experience, as along with working with clients and attending company events, I was also able to learn and apply the concept of networking. Prior to the internship, I was always hesitant to meet new people and even more hesitant to start a conversation. IT4Causes really helped me to become not only confident in myself but also confident enough to interact with almost anyone. I would really recommend others to apply to the internship so that they can also learn new things every day and experience a wonderful working environment.

Meet our New Intern


Hello there! My name is Hien Vo. I am a junior at the Virginia Commonwealth University, majoring in International Studies with a concentration in Social Justice. For this upcoming academic year, I am excited in gaining more knowledge through the education my major offers as well as gaining new experiences by being a Nonprofit Management Intern at IT4Causes! My knowledge and experience will help me achieve my goal in working with nonprofit organizations while creating lasting connections and, ultimately, impacting the local Richmond community positively.
As my summer is about to end with the First Day of School right around the corner, I am making the most of it by traveling to other places, such as Boston and California. (Fun Fact: one of my bucket list items is to travel to all fifty states.) I have also been listening to Podcasts and audiobooks that touch on minimalism, mindfulness, and how to be badass. I believe that by surrounding myself with positive messages daily, I will grow and become the best person I can be today and an even better person tomorrow.
I hope to help IT4Causes reach their mission in aiding other nonprofit organizations to operate successfully and my mission in evolving as a student, an intern, and as an individual, progressively.
We are also looking for more Federal Work Study Interns from VCU! If this sounds something that you would be interested in, contact me at hien.vo@it4causes.org or Tom Anderson at info@it4causes.org for more information, or stop by the IT4Causes table at VCU’s Federal Work Study Job Fair on August 30!

Interview with Partnership for Families

Partnership for Families (PFF) provides resources for vulnerable families with young children to ensure a solid education while creating safe and healthy environments for children to grow and thrive. PFF partners with other organizations that engage in early literacy and learning that will benefit families to better support their children.

A challenge that PFF faces is that they have a difficult time in effectively tracking families’ progress over time. IT4Causes steps in to provide the best software package and case management in tracking progress. Without IT4Causes, PFF would not have taken the step in advancing more technologically, such as being able to track referrals to other agencies on line and having the ability to look at higher level of data analysis like mapping where the clients they serve live. IT4Causes also provides training for the staff so that the organization can learn to sustain the systems themselves over time.

As we work with Partnership for Families, we are growing together and creating a new resource for the local RVA community that other organizations can access at affordable rates. Working with IT4Causes has helped PFF assess the problems and create solutions together. We at IT4Causes are pleased to provide Partnership for Families with a smoother process for assisting families in need, tracking progress and outcomes, and creating a lasting partnership in the community.