Volunteer opportunities for IT4Causes!

IT4Causes is a nonprofit organization that is also an IT consulting firm. We work to understand our nonprofit agencies’ needs and deliver the most useful services to improve their outcomes. With an organization like us, we are always looking for and reaching out to volunteers and those who are interested in working with us.

Here are some new volunteer opportunities:
LastPass Configuration with Art180. The task consists of researching product features, recommending best practices, and helping the client set up individual users in the cloud-based version of the LastPass product.
Bartender for our Rooftop Happy Hour Event on September 14, from 5-9 PM on top of 804RVA.
• And, Event Management assistance for our upcoming technology expo, Tech4All 2.0, in early November.
We also are in urgent need of someone who has experience in website creation, migration, and updates in WordPress for our various clients.

Check out the link for more information on all our volunteer opportunities: http://www.it4causes.org/volunteer/

Let Freedom Ring!


As the 4th of July is upon us, we wanted to take a moment to reflect on freedom, and what it means to us at IT4Causes.  We believe that people helping people is one of the things that makes this country great, and we’re here to enable people in information technology to do this on their own terms.  At IT4Causes, we provide:

  • Volunteers the freedom to use their skills when they want, and for as much time as they would like
  • Volunteers the freedom to apply the skills they already know, or to learn how to use new technologies to help others
  • Our nonprofit partners the freedom from the burdens of inefficient processes and systems, to free up more time to pursue their important missions
  • Our donors the freedom to support many different causes with a single pledge.


We’re also proud to support other concepts that are key to the American experience through the agencies we serve, such as:

  • Liberation Veteran Services works with homeless veterans every day, and we’re helping them figure out their IT needs and systems,
  • The services we’ve provided at ReEstablish Richmond have allowed them to increase their staff that work tirelessly with refugees who are resettling in the melting pot of RVA,
  • Art180 provides disadvantaged youth the freedom to express themselves through art, and we provide them with IT services to help their staff do that even better,

These are just a few of the many agencies that IT4Causes and its many pro bono experts, IT volunteers, and interns work with every day to ultimately help others try to realize their own American dream.


We hope you have a safe and fun holiday, and we invite you to continue the celebration of American freedom at our Red White and Brew Happy Hour, on Weds July 12 from 5:30-7:30 at the Triple Crossing Brewery in Fulton.  Because we have such great sponsors at Impact Makers, Berkana Enterprise Consulting (BECteam), and Vaco Technologies, we’re able to offer a special promotion of 40% off all tickets throughout the long holiday weekend, using promo code “July40”!  So for just $15, you can enjoy great draft beer, flatbread pizzas, and awesome networking opportunities.  Of course, you are also free to pay the full $25 admission, knowing that your generosity goes straight to helping local charities be more effective and efficient with better data and IT solutions.


So this weekend, let freedom ring, and we hope to see you on July 12!


Meet One of Our New Interns

Hello! My name is John Rymer, and I am excited to be serving as one of the Nonprofit Management Interns for the summer. I am a rising senior studying Business Management and Marketing at the University of Richmond. This summer, I’ll get to help IT4Causes with reaching new partners and foundations, and hopefully gain some great experience along the way!

Now that the formal introduction is out of the way, here are some fun facts about myself:John

  • I was born in Charlotte, NC but currently live in Yardley, PA
  • I joined Club Rugby on an absolute whim and have only broken two bones playing it
  • I plan to find the best place in Richmond to watch a sunset from (any recommendations?)
  • I spent the last two summers building homes in West Virginia with an organization called Next Step Ministries
  • Favorite ice cream flavor: Cookies and Cream
  • Favorite movie: The Godfather
  • I am not musically talented in any way, shape, or form but I really enjoy listening to music. Some of my favorite bands include the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Cage the Elephant, and the Black Keys.
  • Special talents include puns, making up words, and consistently not being able to catch a fish (but that doesn’t stop me from trying).

I’m glad you took the time to get to know me better, and hopefully, our paths will cross at some point this summer! Check back in for introductions to our other summer interns!

What Are Nonprofits Saying About IT4Causes

The partnerships with our local nonprofits have been very successful. We interviewed our clients about the services that we provided, and how we helped these organizations thrive. Let’s hear what some of our happy customers have to say about IT4Causes and the impact that we helped create!

If you are interested in learning more about what our partners do for the Richmond community, check out their websites and Facebook pages:

Commonwealth Autism:commonwealthAutism

Flashpoint Fund:FPF

Partnership For Families:PFF

ReEstablish Richmond:ReEstablish Richmond

New Partner: Leadership Metro Richmond

We are excited to announce our new partnership with Leadership Metro Richmond
Leadership Metro Richmond is a regional chapter that focuses on community leadership development and engagement organization. LMR was started in 1980 to improve racial, gender, and socio-economic divides in our area’s community leadership. LMR conducts a 10 month leadership development program called Leadership Quest, that individuals can go through in order to develop unique skills and prepare them from becoming diverse leaders in their community. The Leadership Quest program has been going on for decades, and both IT4Causes Founder Tom Anderson and Lyall Shank completed the program (Tom in 2014, Lyall in 1992).  LMR helps to partner leaders with different organizations in order to foster collaboration and action in community engagement. This helps to provide leaders with an environment that will broadens their knowledge and perspectives about our region that will inspire them to serve unselfishly.

We at IT4Causes are excited to begin working with Leadership Metro Richmond in order to help them continue to grow and supply with better tools to successfully achieve their goals.  We’ve already helped them define a new IT strategy, we’re starting to transition their IT support, and we’ve queued up a number of projects like Office 365 migration and a hardware refresh program.

LMR logo bw

ReEstablish Richmond Community Summit

ReEstablish Richmond

IT4Causes conducted a Community Summit on IT Investment. We had many amazing nonprofit partners attend as we shared our progress and plans for the future. We also recorded some of our partners speaking some of the things that were discusses. Above is linked a video of Kate Ayers describing a small portion of the impact that IT4Causes has been able to have on ReEstablish Richmond. ReEstablish Richmond strives to provide culturally competent services to refugees who have been resettled in Richmond. They design every program with specific strategies to meet their diverse needs. Supplying them with all the tools they will need to successfully maneuver an thrive, ReEstablish Richmond works to support refugees and help break down the barriers along their path to self-sufficiency.

IT4Causes is proud to have helped Reestablish Richmond with a wide variety of assistance, including converting to Office 365 email, setting up a fundraising system, and integrating many different spreadsheets into a more comprehensive client tracking system. To do this work, we leveraged a small grant from Flashpoint Fund.


Subscription For Event Series

2017 Event Series Logo

Hello to all of IT4Causes, supporters, volunteers, and peers! We are so excited to announce our new Traveling Events Series!

This series will be held on different dates from April  to November and throughout the series you will be able to enjoy various unique experiences with food, drinks, networking opportunities, and some pretty exciting amusements that will create an unforgettable time at different locations all around Richmond. We will have live music performances at the Firehouse Theater, go riding on a Canal Cruise downtown,  share a belated Fourth of July barbecue at Ardent Craft Ales, and enjoy the sunset from the rooftop at 804RVA. The series finale will be our Tech4All 2.0 event, where you’ll get to meet many of the nonprofits we serve while also discovering some cool new technologies.  This is definitely something that you do not want to miss, so to ensure that you can guarantee your spot at every event, we are offering a special Event Series Subscription.

Subscriptions give you guaranteed admission to all events and cover all food, drinks, and entertainment for each event, as well as early access to networking.  Plus you get access to all 5 events (and perhaps a subscriber-only event, too) for the price of just 4.  If you’re unable to make one event, Subscriptions give you the ability to transfer your admission to a friend or colleague who might want to come instead. Subscriptions also include a number of Plus 1 tickets to each event that allow you to bring friends at a discounted rate.

If the subscription option isn’t the right fit for you, there is still the option to buy tickets for each individual event (not at the great cost offered by the Subscription though). Tickets include the coverage of food and drink as well as the chance to network with different nonprofits and small businesses. However, no matter what option you choose, everyone will be able to have unique experiences and entertainments for every event.

We can’t wait to present our Traveling Series to you! We guarantee it will not be one to miss!!

Click here to Subscribe!

Sponsorship Event Series

2017 Event Series Logo

IT4Causes is excited to kick off our 2017 Event Series! This event series will be unique as we will hold numerous events starting in April and ending in November in different unique locations throughout Richmond. This event series is meant to enable fundraising and multiple networking opportunities for all those who participate.

However, we cannot do this without your help. We are asking for any and everyone who can to help sponsor this amazing events series that we have planned. We have attached an overview of the events and the different levels of sponsorship that are available to you. Your sponsorship will not only allow exposure and access to our audience of IT professionals and nonprofit leaders, but it will also allow IT4Causes to continue to present and provide our local nonprofits will better IT solutions. We hope that many of you will consider sponsoring and we look forward to kicking off this series with you guys!!!

IT4Causes Event Series Sponsor Packet

Highlighting Our Community: Keith Reynolds


It4Causes is excited to highlight Keith Reynolds. Keith is one of the co-founders of Synapse Hubs, a networking platform that seeks to create connections between small businesses and nonprofit organizations. We had the opportunity to sit down and talk with Keith and interview him on the amazing work that he is accomplishing in Richmond.

Keith never dreamed that he would end up where he is now; in truth, Synapse was a bit of a happy accident for him. After working ten years for BB&T, Keith was pushed into working in the business networking field. Keith discovered that this network held very valuable information and resources for his clients, and as result he set out to connect his clientele with the businesses that best reflected their needs. However, Keith, who has always enjoyed customer service, was never comfortable with being a salesman. He desired to do more than perform a selling method, but essentially wanted to find a way to use networking as a tool to not only celebrate the people that he was serving but also to potentially benefit them.

Therefore in December 2011 , Keith quit his job with no plan or itinerary but simply guided by his desire to pay it forward with the use of networking.

Keith started out with networking between corporate business, traveling daily to host meetings between different corporations in order to allow them to connect and work with each other. During his travels, Keith encountered a nonprofit at one of his meetings, and was completely blown away at the passionate work that they were doing. However, Keith also recognized that there was a misconstrued thinking describing nonprofit as charities that only needed money all the time. He thought, this mindset devalues what nonprofits actually bring to the community. In today’s culture, networking has been defined as sales platform, and the main purpose is to sale my product. Keith believes the true purpose of networking is for it to be a development resource tool for finding quality people in the community that do a variety of different work, whom you can trust and rely upon.

Keith decided to set out and equip small business and nonprofits with a community in order to introduce a new flow of support. This idea became the starting point for what is now known today as Synapse Hubs. The two main concepts for Synapse are to connect with nonprofits and small businesses, and become a resource hub for all members. Keith visions Synapse to be very supportive mechanism for passionate people of the nonprofit and small business community that allows them to cultivate valuable relations in the business community in order to produce a shared value for the nonprofit sector. In the end, Synapse would be able to create opportunities that could create introductions that could create greatness. Now, Synapse has been running for close to 3 years, has dozens of “hubs” meeting in RVA and Charlottesville, and has hundreds of members who are actively using the network to help the community while also growing their businesses. Keith hopes in the future that Synapse will be able to be a part of a variety of markets around the country in order to redefine our concept of networking, collaboration, and working with others.

Keith has done amazing work for a numerous amount of nonprofits and it is amazing to see his work continuing to growing. The ability to network with so many nonprofit partners was key to IT4Causes early success, and we are happy and thankful to know and partner with Keith Reynolds.  To experience Synapse for yourself, contact Keith Reynolds or visit https://www.facebook.com/Synapsehubs/ and tell them IT4Causes sent you!

Our New Client : United Spinal Association


IT4Causes is excited to present one of our newest clients, the United Spinal Association Chapter in Richmond, Virginia. Their mission is to support and provide resources to people with Spinal Cord Injury/Disease (SCI/D) and assist them in achieving their highest level of health, independence and quality of life. They also provide support and educate the newly injured, families, public officials, community leaders, and citizens to the needs of persons with (SCI/D), as well as advocate for the importance of creating an environment of greater independence for all. They offer a variety of opportunities in helping those with SCI take back control of their lives.

The Virginia Chapter of the United Spinal Association was started by Sharon Drennan approximately a year and a half ago. She became involved in the Association after her son suffered a spinal cord injury. Due to lack of support in Virginia for persons with SCI/D, Sharon struggled to find information and resources necessary to help her. Determined learn all she could, Sharon reached out to different organizations at national scales to gain insight. She then began to vocalize the lack of resources and communal support for those dealing with SCI/D in Virginia. After much campaigning, the United Spinal Association reached out to her, asking her if she wanted to start a chapter in VA. Excited, Sharon pulled together different organizations in the Richmond community and asked them to help her with this campaign for she knew she could not do it alone. Although still relatively new, the VA Chapter has grown to a member base of 250 people. Helping to provide peer mentoring and support programs, the United Spinal Association hopes to extend their Chapter beyond Richmond and into other parts of Virginia. Sharon describes that the one thing she wants to prevent is isolation for those who are dealing with SCI/D, whether they are the patient or a family members and/or friends, because no one should have to go through it alone

IT4Cause is excited to partner with Sharon in helping her pursue her goal of expanding the chapter into different branches throughout Virginia. IT4Causes will be helping the Association by implementing Microsoft Office 365 for cloud email and document storage, as well as setting them up with Quickbooks Online. We are consulting with them on their client and donor data base.

To Learn more about the United Spinal Association, please check out their website unitedspinalva.org