February Volunteer Newsletter

We hope your off to a great new year!

Last year was a great year for us and we hope it was a good year for you as well. Thanks to your generous gifts of time and talent, IT4Causes served 22 agencies across the Richmond area! As the new year gets rolling, we hope you’ll consider volunteering with IT4Causes!

Logging Your Volunteer Hours

Did you know that your volunteer hours do more than support agencies?  They allow IT4Causes to:

Build business plans that show how we offer low cost solutions using skilled volunteers

Provide the details we need when writing grants that also support our work

Document the project recaps required by our sponsoring companies

Provide accurate reporting to the IRS to support our 503c status

Therefore your time matters, for the agencies we help and for us as well. So always remember to log those volunteer hours!

Click here to enter any hours you may have worked in the past and haven’t yet entered.  If you are retracing steps, exact days don’t matter, but please be sure to reflect the months as accurately as possible.

New Volunteer Opportunities and a Paid Position in Lynchburg 

We’re pleased to announce that we are starting an engagement with a large nonprofit in Lynchburg, and we currently have a variety of volunteer opportunities to help with the assessment there. We’re looking for experts in a variety of topics to better understand their needs and help us suggest improvements.  While being able to participate on site in Lynchburg would be great, you can also dial in to participate in these sessions remotely.

We’re also excited to tell you we have an opening for a paid IT Manager/Fractional CIO position to support this new client in Lynchburg.  In addition to helping this main client become more effective and efficient in delivering their mission, the person will also help us identify, land, and service new nonprofit clients throughout the Lynchburg/Roanoke/Blacksburg region.  Imagine the job satisfaction from spending your days using technology to help many different causes!  If you’re interested in this unique opportunity, please reach out to Tom Anderson.

And if you have friends in greater Lynchburg, be sure to share this newsletter with them and let them know about IT4Causes!

Be sure to check out our other current opportunities in RVA as well.

Does your employer offer monetary donations for your volunteer hours?

Some local employers, like Capital One and Car Max, have programs that give employees dollars to donate to charities of their choice, based on the number of volunteer hours they log in their internal systems. If your employer offers this benefit, we encourage you to designate IT4Cause to receive those dollars.

Did you like our Tech4All event?

Then you’ll definitely want to keep an eye out for an upcoming announcement about IT4Causes events in 2016! Follow us on Facebook to stay on top of all our updates!
Finally, Remember to enter those volunteer hours!

Thank you as always for your gift of time and talent

the best

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