New Partner: Leadership Metro Richmond

We are excited to announce our new partnership with Leadership Metro Richmond
Leadership Metro Richmond is a regional chapter that focuses on community leadership development and engagement organization. LMR was started in 1980 to improve racial, gender, and socio-economic divides in our area’s community leadership. LMR conducts a 10 month leadership development program called Leadership Quest, that individuals can go through in order to develop unique skills and prepare them from becoming diverse leaders in their community. The Leadership Quest program has been going on for decades, and both IT4Causes Founder Tom Anderson and Lyall Shank completed the program (Tom in 2014, Lyall in 1992).  LMR helps to partner leaders with different organizations in order to foster collaboration and action in community engagement. This helps to provide leaders with an environment that will broadens their knowledge and perspectives about our region that will inspire them to serve unselfishly.

We at IT4Causes are excited to begin working with Leadership Metro Richmond in order to help them continue to grow and supply with better tools to successfully achieve their goals.  We’ve already helped them define a new IT strategy, we’re starting to transition their IT support, and we’ve queued up a number of projects like Office 365 migration and a hardware refresh program.

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