Our New Client : United Spinal Association


IT4Causes is excited to present one of our newest clients, the United Spinal Association Chapter in Richmond, Virginia. Their mission is to support and provide resources to people with Spinal Cord Injury/Disease (SCI/D) and assist them in achieving their highest level of health, independence and quality of life. They also provide support and educate the newly injured, families, public officials, community leaders, and citizens to the needs of persons with (SCI/D), as well as advocate for the importance of creating an environment of greater independence for all. They offer a variety of opportunities in helping those with SCI take back control of their lives.

The Virginia Chapter of the United Spinal Association was started by Sharon Drennan approximately a year and a half ago. She became involved in the Association after her son suffered a spinal cord injury. Due to lack of support in Virginia for persons with SCI/D, Sharon struggled to find information and resources necessary to help her. Determined learn all she could, Sharon reached out to different organizations at national scales to gain insight. She then began to vocalize the lack of resources and communal support for those dealing with SCI/D in Virginia. After much campaigning, the United Spinal Association reached out to her, asking her if she wanted to start a chapter in VA. Excited, Sharon pulled together different organizations in the Richmond community and asked them to help her with this campaign for she knew she could not do it alone. Although still relatively new, the VA Chapter has grown to a member base of 250 people. Helping to provide peer mentoring and support programs, the United Spinal Association hopes to extend their Chapter beyond Richmond and into other parts of Virginia. Sharon describes that the one thing she wants to prevent is isolation for those who are dealing with SCI/D, whether they are the patient or a family members and/or friends, because no one should have to go through it alone

IT4Cause is excited to partner with Sharon in helping her pursue her goal of expanding the chapter into different branches throughout Virginia. IT4Causes will be helping the Association by implementing Microsoft Office 365 for cloud email and document storage, as well as setting them up with Quickbooks Online. We are consulting with them on their client and donor data base.

To Learn more about the United Spinal Association, please check out their website unitedspinalva.org

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