Our Newest Client: ReEstablish Richmond


Meet our newest client: ReEstablish Richmond!

This amazing nonprofit was started by Patrick Braford after he noticed the issues facing refugees who were new to Richmond. ReEstablish Richmond’s mission is to help refugees establish roots, build community, and find self-sufficiency.

ReEstablish Richmond (ReR) provides programs that help newcomers to the River City adjust and become a part of the community. Public transit training, learner’s permit classes, and monthly community luncheons are just a few ways that ReR connects refugees to life-building tools and resources, helping their transition to be a positive and empowering experience.

IT4Causes connected ReR with a Flashpoint Fund, and then worked with Kate Ayers, ReR’s Executive Director, to develop a grant proposal. With just a $2000 grant, we’re looking forward to leveraging our volunteer network to help do a full assessment of all their data needs and capabilities, improve their email/calendars/contacts, increase security, set up a donor management system, and help implement their recent rebranding in their online presence.

To learn more or support ReEstablish Richmond, go to their website reestablishrichmond.org.

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