Skilled IT Volunteers Needed to Assist Local Nonprofits with COVID-19 Response

Based on the current State of Emergency in both the Commonwealth of Virginia and the United States as a whole, IT4Causes is assembling a team of current, past, and new skilled IT volunteers to help nonprofits in the greater Richmond VA area continuing to fulfill their missions in rapidly evolving circumstances. To best serve the community, local agencies will need to rapidly shift to remote work, distance learning, and service delivery with less direct human contact. We believe that technology can play a major role in addressing this crisis, and we continue to build a comprehensive list of resources and products that can help nonprofits accomplish their work in a new environment. But in order to best serve those who serve others, we need skilled IT volunteers to step up and take on byte-sized tasks to quickly deliver meaningful solutions to real-world problems.
Most of our volunteer services will be delivered remotely, and are being coordinated with a command center approach using agile best practices.
Skill sets sought:

  • Office 365 setup, administration, and training, especially
    • Microsoft Teams for collaboration and meetings
  • Remote work & collaboration tools & best practices
  • Network configuration and security, especially VPNs
  • Telecomm setup, especially using mobile devices to accept and place calls from agency landline/VOIP numbers
  • Virtualization of small group experiences, including meetings and events
  • Virtualization of large group experiences such as conferences
  • Virtualization of customer service experiences, including call centers and telehealth
  • Command Center operations

If you are willing and able to use your IT skills to serve your community in this time of need, please let us know!

  • If you are a current or past volunteer and have previously completed our Volunteer Application, please update your contact info and let us know your availability by completing the COVID-19 Response form.
  • If you haven’t previously completed our Volunteer Application, please do so, and then complete the COVID-19 Response form as well.

Thank you so much, and take care!

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