Throwback Thursday – From Maps to Apps

paper map copy

Do you remember rotary phones, baud rates, or punch cards? (Maybe not😊) Technology has brought about huge shifts in how we do things in just the past few decades. As part of a new blog series, IT4Causes will take you back once a month or so to how some things used to be done and how they can be done now with evolutions in technology. This post will be shared on Facebook so feel free to comment/share your memories/photos there!

Today’s throwback is to the good old-fashioned paper map. Explorers of old developed the maps that have guided individuals for centuries-whether it’s across town, across country, or around the world. While they still exist in places, it is less and less often that you get from point A to point B with their help. Today, cars come equipped with GPS that can get you to your destination while apps can guide you as you travel on foot, whether it’s around a new city or a new event.

I recently attended a special event where thousands of participants navigated their way around a convention center with a specially created mobile app that not only provided background information about speakers but also kept attendees up to date on conference happenings with special announcements. It helped connect a large number of attendees efficiently and effectively.

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