Volunteer Spotlight- Dalhia Cavazos

IT4Causes is proud of our team and we would like to share with you one of our outstanding volunteers Dalhia Cavazos. Check out our interview with this creative and talented volunteer below.


Where did you attend University?:
I started my college days at Virginia Commonwealth University and transferred to the University of Kansas where I received my BFA. While working in Kansas City Missouri I also attended the Kansas City Art Institute. My education began in pre-school as a 3 year old in Versailles, France and I have been adding to my education ever since. I am proud to say I am a life long learner who enjoys the challenge of exploration.

Occupation: What type of work do you do?:
My love of learning works well with being a graphic designer/art director. The field is always changing and evolving. Creating a brand is such a multifaceted process. Branding a company or product today means using both print and digital media. It is important to present a cohesive recognizable brand identity. That’s where I come in – I translate complex brand messages into an easy to understand visual language. The visual presentation used in communication is more than simply design.

What is one of your favorite previous projects/work?:

Working with branding is one thing I truly enjoy doing. I created a marketing plan and brand identity for a friend of mine who is a wood sculpture. In less than a year he doubled the number of galleries representing his work and greatly increased his sales.

What have you helped out with at IT4Causes?:

I have been on the IT4causes marketing committee for a little less than a year. In that time I have written posts and created banners for Twitter and Facebook. I also designed an infographic, invitations and a flyer. One of my favorite things I did was go to the Makerfest at the Science Museum to research ideas and vendors for a fun event that we hope to put on this year.

How did you come to  volunteering  with IT4Causes?:

I met Tom Anderson and heard him talk about what IT4causes does, and it just sounded like the kind of innovative and community-minded project that I’d like to be involved in. I am new to Richmond and I know that volunteering is a great way to meet people.

What other volunteering have you done?
I am a big believer in giving back to society and the list of places I have done volunteer work for runs from libraries to cultural arts to non profits. Another non-profit I have worked with in Richmond is Down Syndrome of Greater Richmond. I am a freelance designer right now looking for the right position to use my brand design skills working with the cultural arts or a nonprofit. I want a position where my skills as a visual communicator will make a difference.

Interests and hobbies?:
Art is where my heart is. I am a fiber artist and jeweler. I paint, draw and create yard art. I am passionate about color and texture. I love to play and experiment. I love cultural arts, visual arts, theater, dance, literature, music and performances. I am also looking forward to the commercials for the Super Bowl, there is a lot of creativity there.

For more on Dalhia Cavazos
Portfolio: www.behance.net/cavazosdesign
Art Blog: http://dalhiascloset.blogspot.com

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