Volunteer Spotlight- Dave Zaras

IT4Causes is proud of our dedicated team of hard working volunteers. Dave Zaras has been a tremendous help throughout a number of projects and we wanted to take some time to personally thank him for contributing his time and energy. IT4Causes cannot implement the great work we do without our outstanding volunteers.


Dave Zaras is originally from Baltimore, Maryland and graduated from Towson University with a degree in Business Administration. Dave also holds a masters in information systems from Virginia Commonwealth University.

“I was in the military for 5 years so I really appreciate IT4Causes relationship with Tech for Troops.”

How did you come to volunteering  with IT4Causes?:
I work for Impact Makers, a management and IT consulting firm, located in Richmond, VA. Impact Makers is dedicated to returning 100% its net profits to the community over the life of the company. Part of our community contribution is that we provide pro bono consulting services through community partners. This is how I found out and became involved with IT4Causes.

What have you helped out with at IT4Causes?:
So far, I’ve helped a couple of IT4Causes clients with recabling portions of their local area networks in order to make those networks more reliable or to support the relocation of people within the facility. I’ve also assisted another IT4Causes client with assessments of their IT operations, looking for ways to improve on the technology foundation that’s already in place.

What type of work do you do at Impact Makers?

I’m a Consultant in the Governance, Risk and Compliance Practice. Right now, I’m leading a team of talented project managers and subject matter experts in information security with an engagement for a healthcare client who’s transforming their information security program in an effort to improve the maturity. We’re one year into a multi-year and multi-million dollar effort and are already seeing significant improvements across many of their targeted improvement areas.

Thanks again Dave! If YOU are interested in helping Richmond area nonprofits become more effective through better IT systems, please visit our website for our volunteer form.

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