Please Remember #GivingTuesday

For many, the true meaning of the holidays rests not in what we receive in presents, but in what we give to others, especially those in need. #GivingTuesday was started in 2012, and is one way the nonprofit and online communities have worked together to promote charitable giving during the holiday season.


At IT4Causes, we encourage everyone to think about their favorite charities, and to consider donating to them during the holidays. If you are interested in having your donations support multiple local causes, we think you should consider donating to IT4Causes so that we can magnify your impact by enabling our partner nonprofits with great IT.

Thanks to donors like you, we were able to support 15 agencies in the past year, including:

Assoc of Fundraising Professionals Firehouse  Theatre Partnership for Families
Art180 Friends of Barnabas Partnership for Nonprofit Excellence
Children’s Mental Health Resource Ctr Habitat of Greater Richmond U-Turn Sports
Beacon Tree Foundation Junior League of Richmond Unbound RVA
Equality First Foundation Medical Home Plus Virginia Community Capital

Your new / continued support will help us expand our impact, including:

-Support for many new agencies in a collaborative case management system we’re setting up with Partnership for Families,

-Help for even larger agencies like UMFS, and

-Growth in skilled IT volunteerism in RVA.G

Regardless of where you choose to invest your donations this holiday season, IT4Causes says THANK YOU for all you do to make our community better!

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