Value of Donations


 Small By Mindy Tanner

Value – the importance, worth, or usefulness of something (Oxford Dictionary).  When you donate to IT4Causes you know that your donation is helping great nonprofits get great IT at a fraction of the price. IT4Causes uses skilled volunteers, community donations, and lower rates to provide an average of 92.1% savings to nonprofits.

Nonprofits get a great value not only in terms of reduced costs but also in terms of the strategic planning IT4Causes offers. Strategic planning of IT resources meets a vital need of organizations that not only enables them to serve more effectively now but also increases their capacity to serve more individuals in the future.

And serving individuals is ultimately what it’s all about. IT4Causes has worked with organizations that provide mental health resources to families, that connect individuals to the resources they need to become entrepreneurs, and that send medical missions abroad to create self-sustaining medical care to impoverished communities.

Want to become a part of this? Please consider donating to IT4Causes (a 501c3 organization) at

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