Introducing Our New Bonner Scholar Interns

RICHMOND, Va–Last year, in partnership with the University of Richmond’s Bonner Center for Civic Engagement, IT4Causes welcomed 2 new interns, Will Walker, and Abhishek Shilpakar. A year later, we are pleased to announce the addition of two more Bonner Scholars*, Jannette You and Tom Lee.

Jannette, a freshman, plans to major in Business Administration, with a concentration in Business Analytics. As a graduate of Mount Hebron High school, Jannette wants to explore her interest in international business., as well as management, consulting and entrepreneurship, in hopes of becoming an international business consultant and business owner. She is very excited to join us, and she’s looking forward to accomplishing many goals during her tenure with IT4Causes.

In her free time, Jannette enjoys playing tennis, volunteering, and learning more about different cultures. On weekends, you can find her in one of 900+ RVA restaurants trying new cuisines. Jannette is also involved with Finance Society where she is the vice president of outreach and manages mock investment portfolios for over 50 students. For this upcoming semester, she will be joining a sorority as well.

At IT4Causes, Jannette hopes to explore her interests in management and expand her knowledge about information technology. For now, she will be helping us with event planning as well as improving her skills in bookkeeping and other finance-related topics. Joining our team as a non-profit management intern, we are excited to share some great opportunities with her so that she can accomplish her personal goals.

Tom Lee, a freshman, also plans to study business administration with a minor in leadership studies. Joining our intern community from Hillsborough, NJ, he hopes to explore “things to do” in the business world. Understanding the importance of IT, he was drawn to IT4Causes because of our commitment to providing low-cost services to other non-profits.

Outside of academic commitments, Tom has a passion for outdoor recreation activities such as hiking, biking, and swimming. At the University of Richmond, Tom is a member of the club water polo and golf teams as well as a member of GreenUR. He also enjoys playing many different kinds of sports such as squash, water polo, and basketball.

In his role as a  Business Development Intern, Tom hopes to learn many different business skills as well as some information technology skills. In addition, he hopes to learn as much as he can about IT4Causes and our business model and other organizational practices. Tom wants to provide as much support as he can to IT4Causes and the Richmond community as a whole.

Connecting us with passionate students who care a great deal about the non-profit community and information technology, we are proud of our long-term partnership with the University of Richmond and UR’s Bonner Center for Civic Engagement.

*The Bonner Scholars Program is a prestigious honor that is bestowed upon 25 students of each incoming class at the University of Richmond. These students commit at least 10 hours a week to a non-profit organization in the city of Richmond. Bonner Scholars spend a semester exploring many different organizations, and they apply to them in late December. Selecting their best fit organizations, Bonners commit for 3.5 years, allowing them the opportunity to gain valuable professional experience and meaningful connection.

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